On friday night Paige and i made our way down to Prince to check out Justice and Busy P, it was pretty good although it was fucking packed and it wasnt as crazy as i thought it would be but that didnt matter cos we were both pretty tired anyway,

Personally i thought Busy P was more fun than Justice, he did some good mashes and yeh just played more party tunes.

heres a couple of songs i remember getting played...

The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance (Herve Remix)

Justice - Phantom Pt. II (Soulwax Nite Version)


Historical alignments

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i thought id put this up for the historically inclined...

GWAP is actually in close association with the Superlative Sonic Fusion Dance Krew (now shortened to SSFDK by their fans )


So its thursday, its pretty much the start of the weekend (unless your on holidays you lucky fuckers) so i thought i would take this opportunity to post a bit of a party track to get you in the swing of things, enjoy!

Macho shit

As Jesse so eloquently put it, yes our first single is on its way, entitled 'Cunt Eyes', which was the name we somehow came to agree on making our way home one early morning. A tale of lost love and found loathing with a fond foul mouthed twist, it shan't be long.

To get the ball rolling here, I thought I would post up a couple of tracks. The first is a demo from Danger, a badass Frenchy in the same vein as Kavinsky without the whole "Ooh look at me I'm a dead guy that for some fucked up reason ended up making music". (Although is also a cartoon). The demo is 11h30, and has also been remixed by datA.

Danger - 11h30 Demo (zshare)
danger myspace

Now for the second song. I saw a preview for the new Iron Man movie, and being a Marvel fan I hope that homo Robert Downey Jr does a good job, although I never really liked Iron Man anyway, he got his powers by making an armored suit because he was a rich douche.. lame. Anyway in the preview I recognised the riff of the old Black Sabbath song Iron Man, which is fucking great. Here is a weird macho-funk version by German electronic group Lotterboys from a year or so back... it's fun..

lotterboys - ironman (zshare)
lotterboys myspace


cunt eyes

Jesse here...

the first single from the GEE WIZZ ep 'chemistry' is nearly complete, it's called 'cunt eyes'... flash is just finishing the lyrics so everyone just cool their heels and keep an ear out

'Ello 'Ello

Good evening ladies and germs!

I am thoroughly pleased to announce the long awaited creation of the blog of all blogs, belonging to none other than the free spirits that go by the name of Gee Wizz (and the Pharmacists).

If you do not know us, we are four quaint young lads from old Melbourne town, who although from different backgrounds, managed to meet somewhere in the middle to compose GEE WIZZ. Ever evolving students of the world, here we aim to bring you our tastes, fads, fetishes, wisdom and ramblings in an assortment of realms that bare no restrictions. Whatever this turns out to be, I can assure you, it will be interesting…