She's like... library hot


Thats what I'm about this week and for the next 14! I think I'm going to change my degree and study astrophysics and learn all about time/space by reading Stephen Hawking's books and get a tattoo of Einstein on my posterior. So i can figure out how to time travel and just keep reliving my late teen years over and over...

Last year Flash brought you Scala and Kolacny brothers doing their take on modern classics with the whole operatic feel, but that was 2008 study music (if you didn't like it screw off! you try learning about time travel listening to freakin robot future space music. It doesn't work even if the genre is relevant to the material) but that's old news now and I've found something new!

Meet Sigur Ros an Icelandic band that I came across whilst watching The Life Aquatic, with Steve Zizzou, this music is freaking epic and just fills in the space in between your ears without pissing you off

Sigur Ros - Staralfur

Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla

As a special surprise this is a cover of the above song by generally upbeat indie rockers We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists - Hoppipolla

So listen to this during your studies, and try and find your own library hot girl, we've found ours, she served us club sandwiches over some hard coffee.

Moustache Aficionado

"Wow, look at these men. What class! What grace! And all because of a little upper lip hair. Lois, I am gonna grow a mustache. And I'll have it made like the Monopoly guy. Except when he goes directly to jail"

Peter Griffin from Family Guy couldn't have said it any better!

I was watching David Letterman the other night and one of the special guests was the 'model' from the cover of the latest edition of the magazine 'moustache aficionado' and it rekindled my somewhat postponed (due to summer, it's not really beard weather) lusting for my very own facial hair.

So here are some songs to get you into my current frame of mind.

Now most of us at Gee Wizz are musical gentlemen and when I say musical I mean MUSICAL as in Sweeney Todd the musical so the first song here is straight from the recent Tim Burton movie...

Sacha Baron Cohen - The Contest (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Soundtrack)

Who would have thought Ali G could sing?

This next one's less classic, musical enjoying beard, more beerlariness out on the town beard

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Beard Lust

If you gots any facial hair you wanna show off to Gee Wizz (boys and girls we don't discriminate against Henrietta's) send us some love and we'll whack any good pics up


Big M

What are the biggest M's you can think of? Marlon Brando? Midnight Juggernauts? M83?

If you answered with the above three responses, then you would be correct. Midnight Juggernauts are stepping out on their March Farewell tour down Australia's East coast before they jet off to wow the rest of the world. And lucky for us, their 'support' act is another of the elite French ambient electronic acts (re: post on Air), M83.

As if by some divine intervention, the higher power you believe in must have had a quiet subconscious word to all the best French musicians and told them to finally get their Gallic asses to Melbourne! And just like Air, Daft Punk and the whole Banger crew before, M83 are not to be missed, especially for the much less expensive price of $35 + the Juggers! At the Forum in Melbourne on March 12th, you can grab a bunch of tickets from ticketek.

This is my favourite Midnight Juggernauts song, and whilst I don't always agree with the high degree of hype these guys get, Tombstone is a cracker.

Midnight Juggernauts - Tombstone

And for 'support', here is an M83 original and just for kicks, a remix as well.

M83 - Teen Angst

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry (M83 remix)

(Marlon Brando is just here to make this post more suave.)


Nice Raak

At urbandictionary, an anorak is

"A warm, heavy jacket worn by some of the nerdiest people, such as train spotters or pylon spotters."

We seem to think this Anoraak is quite terrific though. Part of the Valerie clan that Gee Wizz love and some around the blogosphere tip to be bigger than Banger, Anoraak is another artist inspired by 80's, lost love and melodic synths - a perfect formula in anyone's book.

We first got savvy on Anoraak a while ago with his remix of College's Teenage Color that left us yearning for more. And whilst we have heard a little more from a couple of their biggest proponents down at the esteemed discodust and hipsterrunoff (x2), we still want more!

So here is the Gee Wizz contribution to the cause. Look out for Anoraak and friends, because if we have anything to do with it, they will be 2008.

Anoraak - Endless Summer
Anoraak - Sunday Night Fever

The Air Up There

Air are up there. They are, in my opinion, the premier French ambient electronic act, and have been so for the last decade - perhaps you could say the chill out version of Daft Punk. And finally, Air are coming to Australia for the very first time. Down for the V Festival, here in Melbourne they are playing a little side show at the Palais on Wednesday the 2nd of April.

You can get presale tickets from ticketmaster until 5pm tomorrow (special code 'amour') for $99, much better than the $128 you will have to fork out afterwards (you're welcome).

This is the first Air song I ever heard, back in the day on Recovery one Sunday morning 10 years ago. It's one of those childhood memories that makes me smile when I'm doing nothing. The film clip had me entranced. They released Pocket Symphony, their fourth album, last year.

Air - Kelly Watch The Stars


Foals Gold

Or should we say Fools Gold? You see, Foals upcoming album Antidotes has been leaked just short of its release in March. However there are differing reports on what the track listing actually is. Around the blogosphere we have seen it listed as followed:

1. The French Open
2. Cassius
3. Red Socks Pugie
4. Olympic Airways
5. The Race For Radio Supremacy
6. Balloons
7. Heavy Water
8. Two Steps, Twice
9. Big Big Love (Fig.2)
10. Like Swimming
11. Tron

Yet on Amazon and Play, it differs!

1. The French Open
2. Cassius
3. Red Socks Pugie
4. Olympic Airways
5. Electric Bloom / Ballroom
6. Balloons
7. Heavy Water
8. Two Steps, Twice
9. Big Big Love (Fig.2)
10. Like Swimming
11. Tron

Foals in fact cleared it up in a myspace blog here.

Though apart from the obvious oddities of leaving off Hummer, Mathletics and Astronauts and All, questions remain. What actually happened to this mysterious tune Electric Bloom (listed on Amazon as Electric Ballroom as well)?

It is good to see them release a truly complete and constructed albu
m though, instead of a compilation of regurgitated, spasmodically released past demos, which seems to be the norm of late. Good for them! And rumour has it that "Hummer and Mathletics will be on the special edition CD which come with special remixes, live footage and other stuff."

Oh, and here is that mysterious track.

Foals - Electric Bloom


As an added bonus, here is the cover art for Antidotes.


There Is No Need To Ask...

This will be the song that is playing in the background when Natalie Portman and I partake in our first kiss.

And this is what she will whisper to me.

I would be a bit intimidated by her beauty, but I would like to think I will be able to conquer my nerves.

I wish I could have a Valerie compilation following me wherever I go.

And Natalie Portman too.


College - Can You Kiss Me First?

Curiosity Killed The Cat

For all my fellow Melburnians, Van She are playing at The Corner Hotel in Richmond tonight, showcasing their new shit.

For all you slowpokes out there you can still get tickets from Moshtix outlets or from The Corner itself, only a few left though so be quick! They are playing at 6pm for half an hour, which ain't too bad considering it's only 15 bones (+bf). They are also playing a tonne of gigs around Aus in the next few weeks so get your tickets early from Moshtix.

My favourite Van She gig was at the 2006 Modular x Tsubi Christmas Party at the Espy, where they played awesome live and more rockier versions of Kelly and Sex City. Ahh the memories.

I'm not a fan of their new single Cat & The Eye AT ALL though, so I'm not going to post up a DL, however check out the film clip for it, produced by talented Melbourne lads Krozm, whom we deejayed with at the Fashion Keyboard. It's interesting, to say the very least.

What do you think of the film clip? And Van She's upcoming stuff?


Big Call

Is this going to be the best remix of 2008? It's pretty early to say but this little tune has me dancing like a fool every time i hear it.

Just wait for the keyboard/piano at about the 4.30 mark, love it!

M.I.A - Paper Planes (DFA remix)


PS. I put in a Zshare link because my bandwidth is about to exploooooooooddddeeee!

Spatial Relations

From a place purer than yours... as promised, a mixed bag of OG Italo Disco and Space Disco. Look out for more in the future (lolsagna a pun!).

Scotch - Disco Band
Koto - Visitors
Koto - Star Wars
Trans X - Living On A Video
Mito - Droid
Cyber People - Polaris

Future Love

Greetings. Recently I have been harking back in history to peruse the precursors to many of the songs and styles that bring me aural delight in this day and age, just to keep me interested, as sometimes it can get rather tedious sifting through mountain ranges of music just to find a diamond in the rough (or two or three) to share with you all. So the next week is probably going to be a massive orgy of outrageously awesome OG space disco and italo disco classixxx, because I say so.

To kick things off we have one of the paradigms of prime cut Italo Disco. Basically, Italo Disco songs were simple, catchy and laden with vocoders and space age sounding synth, combined with nonsensical vocals in English by people who don't usually speak English, and when you could osmose a meaning from them, they typically centred around love, robots and space. This song was the epitome of it - it had it ALL.

Charlie - Spacer Woman

It has recently been covered by Ear Pwr, a fresh sounding spaced out electro group hailing from the U.S who have done gigs with Crystal Castles, and definitely worth checking out! (I'm loving DiamondsLiquorLeather, with the lyrics "Jump up like Shaquille O"! OH SNAP!)

Ear Pwr - Spacer Woman

OG film clip ;)


Fruits of Labour


It's About Time

I haven't done a Garage Days in a while and a can't really be bothered doing one right now, so instead I'm just going to post some of my favourite tracks from the era.

So I'll be sure to do a proper post in the near future, stay tuned!

Also most of the below songs are from my Nuggets collection which you can pick up from most cd shops.

Human Beinz - Nobody But Me

The Hombres - Let it Out

The Eyes - When The Night Falls

The Monks - Drugs In My Pocket


Saved By The Bell

It's been a while since Mikey introduced me to The Bell and their great song I Am History. From that abundantly creative epoch of the earth which we call Sweden, these three boys make music that sounds just like I want music to sound.

Rock music these days is a hard act to pull off - just with the sheer amount of bands around it is difficult to stand out. Yet The Bell does, with an early 80s familiarity without a replication of it, and a sound which is extremely polished whilst never losing that certain mystery and edge that often diminishes proportionately to refinement.

Their album Make Some Quiet includes many awe inspiring songs that define The Bell's sound yet are diverse enough to each leave their own imprint, and to break the shackles thrown on by comparisons. Make Some Quiet was finally released in stores on February 12th, I think you should go grab a copy (here or here).

The Bell - I Am History
The Bell - Gone For Days
The Bell - On and On
The Bell - Do You Know How I Feel
The Bell - Target Group (C90s Remix)


YEOWWWW!! VOTE 1! crystal castles.... Let's get ALICE'S hot mug on BBC ;)


p.s even though me and mike didn't win there comp pfft

Maybe She's Born With It...

Maybe it's Maybelline. Cover up under cozy covers with these covers... of songs. Because the original isn't always the best.

Soko - Love No (The Teenagers Cover)
Owen Pallett - Sweet Fantasy (Mariah Carey Cover)
Owen Pallett - This Modern Love (Bloc Party Cover)
Trash Yourself & Toxic Avenger - Song 2 (Blur Cover)
Le Tigre - I'm So Excited (The Pointer Sisters Cover)

What's your favourite cover everrrrr?

My Sweetest Downfall

Valentines Day, whether you like it or not, is upon us. Maybe you're getting love, maybe you're getting lonely, at the very least you get to see a softer side of Gee Wizz! Here is one of my favourite songs ever, courtesy of the adorable Russian doll/songbird Regina Spektor.

When I was about 5 years old I used to go stay with my uncle and auntie and watch on repeat their taped copy of the 1949 version of the story Samson and Delilah (I was quite odd). Samson was so awesome and Delilah was such a bitch! How could he resist her oh so devilish charm! Oh, his sweetest downfall. Fast forward to just before now and Reggie Spek puts a personal spin on the tale, something that could only be described as perfect.

Regina Spektor - Samson

And just for good measure, the ultimate tale of the perfect girlfriend (also known as Alyssa Milano circa 1998), from none other but The Teenagers' (and 11 year old me's) favourite band, Blink 182. Where the fuck are you Josie??!?!

Blink 182 - Josie



This picture is an exact recreation of what we here at Gee Wizz looked liked when we found out that Danger is playing this Friday night at Fashion Keyboard in Melbourne .

The only thing that would have been cooler is if we were playing as well but i doubt we will ever get asked to dj there again!

I have to work on Saturday but there is no way I'm letting that ruin what will be a great night, so come on down to 189 Lonsdale St this Friday, its free entry and cheeaaapp drinks, and if you have to work on Saturday as well i might just buy you a drink and slap you a high 5. Woo!

Danger - 14h54


Will you be my

valentine, cause you gotta buy me these new valentines day pack reebok just brought out to show your undeniable love for me *sigh*. they come in both low and high top and are avaiable here Major Dc


Can't wait

This time in 2 weeks I'm going to be sitting on Thai beaches drinking out of coconuts.

Jealous much? lol

The Holidays - Holiday



Kitsune is all like wooo and im all like lets gets naked and start a revolution (with her pearly whites), to their new mini mix No. 5 its hot...like noosa

Jerry Bouthier - Kitsune Maison 5 Mini Mix

and from brazil with love to miami where you get rich ;) jizzy

No Secrets

She will be upset when she finds out you are a robot.

Styx - Mr Roboto


Can't be fucked writing much, just got back from the trip. Just letting you know I'm going to put up zshare links of all the songs we've put up so you can download them on the rare occasion we run out of bandwidth. You can thank me with a) money b) prostate examinations



The Valerie clan are relatively new to me, they are a group of artists from France who have a damn cool blog that you can check out HERE.

The artists include Minitel Rose, The Outrunners, College, Anoraak and Maethelvin. Their music is totally 80's influenced and is a far sight better than all the other rubbish that is getting passed off as 'dance' music these days.

So if you're as sick as I am of slamming electro at the moment give these guys a listen.

College - Teenage Color (Rhuss Chimes Remix)

Maethelvin - My Favorite TV Show

The Outrunners - Cool Feeling

You can check out the Valerie myspace HERE, and from there you can check them all out.


Hooray for the weekend

Finally the weekend is here, so hopefully most of you will be going out and getting loose tonight.

So here's some music to help you get into the swing of things.

Remember about this time last year MIT's frantic single Goodbook? It was like my favourite song back then, well they're back with a new track, its a slight change of pace for the German trio, almost italo disco?

check it dawwwwgggs!

MIT - Park

MIT - Goodbook

Oh and don't you love songs that are not in English? That way you can sing along and no one hangs shit on you for singing the wrong words, which i do all the time.

Add them on myspace.