She's like... library hot


Thats what I'm about this week and for the next 14! I think I'm going to change my degree and study astrophysics and learn all about time/space by reading Stephen Hawking's books and get a tattoo of Einstein on my posterior. So i can figure out how to time travel and just keep reliving my late teen years over and over...

Last year Flash brought you Scala and Kolacny brothers doing their take on modern classics with the whole operatic feel, but that was 2008 study music (if you didn't like it screw off! you try learning about time travel listening to freakin robot future space music. It doesn't work even if the genre is relevant to the material) but that's old news now and I've found something new!

Meet Sigur Ros an Icelandic band that I came across whilst watching The Life Aquatic, with Steve Zizzou, this music is freaking epic and just fills in the space in between your ears without pissing you off

Sigur Ros - Staralfur

Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla

As a special surprise this is a cover of the above song by generally upbeat indie rockers We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists - Hoppipolla

So listen to this during your studies, and try and find your own library hot girl, we've found ours, she served us club sandwiches over some hard coffee.

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