Homies and hobos, the Gee Wizz kids are fleeing friendly Melbourne for a whole week, for a much needed vacation (it's tough being the kings of the blogosphere muahahaaaaaa). Anyway Mike is staying back to hold down the fort/blog due to him being whipped as the cream that will no doubt end up circling my nipples on at least one occasion in the next week. Here are a couple of holiday specials, guess our holiday theme if you can!

Goon Koyote - Kitty Kat

Beastie Boys - Girls (D Lake's Baltimore Boys & Girls Club Remix)



Honk! if you hate scientology

HOLLA.  I'm diggin' at the mo'

DOPEST cunt ever
check it
They have modelled for
Durkl, rocksmith,
Pa:nuu, and Alife

HATS. Its summer its hot and i don't like skin cancer :)
Nike Sb Safari Cap

I think Gee Wizz needs to get Missy Elliott and Uffie together.

There lover child would be "PASS THE GLOCK"


Pick Your Battles

FUCK! I almost forgot! Battles is playing at Billboard tonight in Melbourne. If you're not going, you have noooooo idea what you're missing out on.

Basically, the New York Math Rock / Post Rock / Future Funk / Instrumental / Experimental / just plain mental / just plain brilliant quartet of superb musicians in their own right have taken the world (my world at the very least) by storm since their debut full length album dropped on May 14th 2007. Voted one of the best albums of the year (and possibly the decade) EVERYWHERE.

Not for the lighthearted though, as Battles seem to have about 32972 different things going on in each song, their live show is bound to be a voyage to remember. Think of what a deranged circus performance would sound like. Check out if you can still get tix from moshtix sellers (listed here) or just rock up and hope you get lucky. Seriously, if this is the future of music, I like where it's going.

Battles - Atlas
Battles - Ddiamondd
Diplo - Battles Atlas vs M.I.A Boyz


The Apple of Our Eye

Adam Kesher is Gee Wizz's favourite band. The French artpop group have wiggled their way into our hearts with their perfect blend of rock and dance, managing to somehow stand out of the large field with an urgent, energetic, mental electro disposition.

Many of their songs have got the remix treatment of late, especially Modern Times (which we featured in our best tracks of last year) which is good as it gets them more exposure (especially in the blog age where you need a new remix every hour to stay on top of the pile), though it possibly leads to their originals not gaining as much fanfare, which is crazy, because they are crazy good! But not to worry, Gee Wizz have you covered.

They are currently embarking on their Happy Vandals Tour of UK, promoting the UK release of their Happy Vandals EP (buybuybuy), and we realllllly want to see them in Melbourne, Australia. Check out adamkesher.com for other terrific releases such as the An Allegory of Chastity EP, which features 3 of the following songs, and don't forget the Modern Times EP!

Adam Kesher - Feel You In My Arms
Adam Kesher - P-Katerine
Adam Kesher - Irene
Adam Kesher - Modern Times

Visit them on myspace as well, because you will love them as much as we do.


Shang Hiiiiii

teenagersintokyo are not teenagers, nor from Tokyo, but don't let their deceptiveness turn you off. What they are is an oh so hot band from Sydney. One of my favourite Australian bands that have rose to prominence in the last year, most of the time I don't buy into the hype that a lot of Aus bands get (most are way overhyped and riding on the coattails of the Aus flavour of the month hysteria that the world had/has), but these guys are fo' real. Every person who has heard their haunting tune Very Vampyr is compelled to break out into some crazy dance, and that's A-OK with me because I'm doing it too.

teenagersintokyo - Very Vampyr

teenagersintokyo - End It Tonight

teenagersintokyo released their self titled EP at the end of Oh Seven, so buy it here or here (itunes).


Yeh Yeh Yeh

Alright so i know that These New Puritans have been floating around on the net for at least a year now, but i heard them on the radio the other day and remembered how much i like them and seen as though our blog is only like 6 months old and we had not written anything about them yet i thought fuck it, one more post isn't going to hurt!

If anyone didn't know they are a 4 piece from the UK and are label mates with Klaxons.

These New Puritans - Colours

These New Puritans - Elvis

add them on myspace.


The X Files

Put this down to the unexplainable. I've had these songs by UFO! for nigh on a year now, and only after stumbling upon them last week and playing them did I remember how awesome they were. I love the 'tude this dude has, the crude sexuality of these tracks reeks of a wannabe rapper, maybe 50 cent if he was white, weak, liked computers, was smarter and probably more likeable. And made better music. The picture from the post below is probably more fitting, but oh well...

UFO! - LET ME !@#$%
UFO! - Skinny Girl........z


Back to the Future

Futurecop! makes music that could be from the past and future and anywhere that you're not. It evokes an aura from some fantastical planet unbound from time and space.

It is warm, yet strikingly cold. It is built on a hint of nostalgia, possibly a remnant of a childhood memory or from a film you watched oh so long ago. Yet even though it feels so close to home, it still seems so far away, like the archetype of the notion of perfection we all strive for yet have never ever seen before.

The best part of this post is the news that the UK duo are planning an Australian tour in June! You heard it on Gee Wizz (and screamed Gee Wizz!) first. More details to be announced.

Futurecop! - NASA
Futurecop! - Transformers
Futurecop! - Class of 1984
Futurecop! - Starworshipper
Futurecop! - As Seen On TV

Show Futurecop! your undying love and affection here


God Damn!

The Damn Shames are an emerging three piece outfit from sunny old Scotland. The best way i can describe them is indie punk/funk, anyway have a listen and make up your own mind!

Fear of Assault is the new single and Last Things is the B side.

Damn Shames - Fear of Assault

Damn Shames - Last Things

Check out their Myspace here.

Calving A Niche

The Godfather of Gee Wizz, Tranterco (also known as Trantercalves due to his perfectly sculpted calves), and his 'band' Gameboy/Gamegirl (produced by the superhero Miami Horror) have a brand spanking new tune. The white boy faux rap and electro project has taken them all the way to Park Life, James Tranter's 20th, and soon Big Day Out and Good Vibes, and as their repertoire expands, expect an EP in the near future (Gee Wizz Remixes?).

Their new track entitled 'Disco House' continues in the same vein as their others with sexual innuendo and puns centered on food, kitchen utensils and other household paraphernalia. What more could you want? Also, here is their classic Fruit Salad.

Gameboy/Gamegirl - Disco House

Gameboy/Gamegirl - Fruit Salad

Say hi to Gameboy/Gamegirl


It Takes Two

I have a secret fetish for all things Swedish, and synthpop band TIAC is one of them. Abbreviated for Three Is A Crowd, they offer a slightly more mature, refined, and well, Swedish take on the modern electropop sound compared to say, The Teenagers (who definitely would not believe three is a crowd... wink wink). Their EP 'Catalogue of Failures' is available through HYBRIS, and features these two gems.

TIAC - Catalogue of Failures

TIAC - Better Days

Visit TIAC

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Everyone likes to be beside the seaside! Especially when you're down at the local pub and The Vasco Era just happen to be playing!

These boys have been around for a while now and are finally starting to get some well deserved recognition getting frequent playtime on the likes of Triple J.

Our mate Bradaz' birthday could not have been celebrated any better with the surprise (for us, not for everyone) live act, considering at the BHP there's usually only shitstain cover acts. Needless to say my feet were freakin killing the next day from stomping and dancing like I was on something they don't exactly sell at the bar (for those in the know, even the chicken wing and mick jagger dance moves were coming out)

Just try and listen to this stuff without wanting to rock out and start all your sentences with "when something something something.." like all there damn songs are titled...

The Vasco Era - Honey bee(When it was making weird love songs)

The Vasco Era - When it first showed up

The Vasco Era - When we lost faith in everyone

Visit The Vasco Era and buy "Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside"


Beauty and the meest

This is the new Ann Demeulemeester store in Seoul, Korea. Designed by Korean architecture firm Mass Studies, the reinforced concrete structure incorporates an amazing living facade to amalgamate nature and artifice.

It is the perfect setting to showcase the garments of Ann Demeulemeester, one of the 'Antwerp Six' designers, whose refined taste has her residing in Belgium's only Le Corbuiser house.

Staying true to her long, lean androgynous silhouette, she is a firm believer in an evolutionary process of her work rather than simply riding trends, and she speaks pragmatically of her clothes as "certainly not art... You make clothes and they have to be worn. They have to fit on a body. They are not just made to be beautiful. I think art is much freer. With clothes you're not free - you are making something for somebody. It doesn't mean you cannot add your soul to what you're doing, but in the end, the best thing about it ends up in someone's wardrobe and becomes part of someone's life".

The overlap of clothing and architectural philosophies - in which they both must have a practical function not merely of art, and her 'free of fad and influence' supposition, make Demeulemeester an icon of pure style, both in her garments and where she displays them.

Visit Ann Demeulemeester online where you can view her collections

Visit Mass Studies online



Last night was the first episode of the new English teen drama, Skins on SBS.
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about this is the trailer for season 1...

Its probably going to be the coolest TV series this year, and even though season 2 is starting in the UK shortly, its better getting it late than never!

So being the coolest show this year, it would make sense to have the coolest soundtrack this year, and this being a music blog, it would make even more sense that we post some these songs!

The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Edit)

(This is the song that appears in the promo)

Roots Manuva - Witness The Fitness

Bloc Party - Positive Tension

You can buy the soundtrack here.

Check out the Skins website here.

Oh wait, Oh Eight (Part iii)

So we come to the last segment of the best of 2007 music. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

5. Friendly Fires - On Board (Nic Nell NTronica Remix)

British trio Friendly Fires are probably more well known for their tune 'Paris', but I think 'On Board' takes the cake - a marvelous concoction of dance and post punk. Nic Nell adds just enough of the colder glitchy tech element to compliment it rather than overpower it, and Gee Wizz does it work, combining with the vocals and bass line to form some sort of controlled chaos.

4. Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle

Part of the great Moshi Moshi singles club (along with Friendly Fires - Paris), Bathroom Gurgle (produced by Erol Alkan) is like a Jekyll and Hyde song, managing to mix 80s synth pop in the same vein as Human League with a grand Rocky Horror Show finale. How you could not lose your b-a-n-a-n-a-s to such a song is inconceivable. A great sound that is bang on the money whilst still being original.

3. Foals - Hummer

If you are a Forward Russia fan like I am, you will love Foals (for some reason Foals have their own section on a Forward Russia forum, they just go together like peas and carrots). The dance punk-band have now built up an awesome portfolio of tunes, and Hummer, probably the most dance friendly of the pack, makes everyone stand up and notice/dance.

2. Scenario Rock - Perfect Love Antidote
Scenario Rock - Perfect Love Antidote (Hey Champ Remix)

Remember that old classic Skitzo Dancer? Well this is another classic from French duo Scenario Rock (aka Mehdi Pinson and Ludovic Therrault). The Justice remix of Skitzo Dancer gained cult status here in Australia, and the favour was returned as Mehdi Pinson laid down the vocals for Justice's DVNO. The brand new Perfect Love Antidote is slightly off kilter to the whole electro banger thing they had going with Skitzo Dancer, but that is just the thing that makes it sooooo great. They tell a great story through their tracks and their humour and style can turn any frown upside down. And don't forget the Hey Champ Remix, which stays true to the track (crap effort Bobmo) whilst delivering a more club friendly sound. Simply awesome.

1. Crystal Castles vs The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover

How apt. This song was my ring tone until 11:50 pm on New Years Eve when I fucked my phone up carrying an esky from car to house. So this song sort of has to be number one for nostalgic purposes, regardless of quality. Though it wouldn't have been my ring tone if it were shit. Hrmmm.....

Who cares. It was totally the best song of the year.


Oh wait, Oh Eight (Part ii)

Yesterday I put up the first segment of my favourite songs from 2007, and funnily enough here is the next, songs 10 - 6.

10. Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Vicarious Bliss Mellotron Mix)

UK mob Cazals have brought out To Cut A Long Story Short, a killer tune, on Kitsune. Vicarious Bliss, along with autoKratz and Streetlife dj's made remixes for the vinyl. This mix from Vicarious Bliss however, was not put on the record, which is odd because it is clearly the pick of the bunch, I could listen to it forever.

9. Matt and Kim - Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus Remix)

This catchy little indie dance tune from Matt and Kim was spliced with the "Where's Your Head At" synthline and turned into every wigger and hipsters favourite club tune by Iheartcomix stablemate Flosstradamus.

8. Justice feat. Uffie - The Party (LA Riots Mix)

I tried my best to get through this list without a) putting in any tracks I've posted before, and b) without any Justice, but LA Riots made me succumb to both. The original track is OK but LA Riots have a knack for turning tunes from good to great. Probably my favourite remixers of 2007, with other solid re-jigs like DVNO (Justice again), Scanners - Lowlife, and Photek's Love and War. This is always first up in a Gee Wizz DJ set.

7. The Glamour - Respect The Party

The Glamour pretty much came out of nowhere with this track, and what a track it is. Respect The Party got alllll the cool kids off the bar and on the D-floor. Their follow ups, 'Bang My Head' and 'Kidz Night' were garbage, 'Fly By Night' was OK, and 'Feet 2 the Floor' was a little better, but they ain't got nothing on this one.

6. Adam Kesher - Modern Times

French band Adam Kesher is a Gee Wizz all time favourite (most likely a post on them coming soon), and Modern Times is quite simply a killer track, and the best remixed of the year. That's why I'm not posting the original, but three awesome remixes of it. Enjoy.

Adam Kesher - Modern Times (Pedro & Panama Remix)
Adam Kesher - Modern Times (Goon Koyote Remix)
Adam Kesher - Modern Times (908 Remix)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have 5-1 up because I'm going away tomorrow. Au revoir.


Oh wait, Oh Eight

Another year has come and gone, another beginning to do just that. Whilst the slate is wiped clean, there are some remnants of the year that was that we grasp on to, for better or for worse, to take with us forever. I've managed to compile a list of my favourite songs of 2007, I tried to fit them into a Top 10 but I couldn't, so deal with a Top 15...

15. Sebastien Tellier, Mr Oizo & SebastiAn - Steakskate

The two Sebastian's teamed up with the evergreen Mr Oizo to produce the score for French film "Steak". I don't think anyone gives a shit about the film, but what a soundtrack! 'Steakskate' is such a fun track, it reminds me of the gameshow Jeopardy's 'thinking music' if it was cool and French. This song stuck in the head of anyone who heard it, and people didn't hate it after it.

14. Dragonette - I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

For some reason, this song just does it for me. Such a sexy song... though more kiss chasey and bugglegum than hardcore porn. Oh, and if it's good enough for Kitsune it's good enough for Gee Wizz.

13. Sexual Earthquake in Kobe - Dance Music (Toxic Avenger Remix)

Now if the title did not make it obvious for you, Sexual Earthquake in Kobe (best name in the business) are clearly enticing you to dance with this little number (clearly succeeding). The Toxic Avenger gives it banger status.

12. 80kidz - Disdrive20

You should totally get strobe lights out whilst listening to this effort from the Jap electro act 80kidz. Or break out a hovercar and fly forward in time to Japan in 2020 (or 1982) and climb a mountain whilst windmill kicking an inordinate amount of 'bad guys'. Their follow up effort ALT A is perhaps just as good, though with Disdrive released earlier it just gave me more aural pleasure throughout 2007. Along with Narctrax and Shinichi Osawa, my favourites from the Far East.

11. Health - Triceratops (CFCF Remix)

My goodness I have no idea how CFCF managed to transform Triceratops into an epic Nightrider-esque theme but thank whatever higher form you believe in that it happened. Health had an outstanding breakout year with Triceratops, Heaven, Perfect Skin and Glitter Pills getting remixed out of their skin, but this one is a metaphorical T-Rex above them all.

...5 down... 10 more to go... keep your ears close to the ground for 10 - 6 coming in the next few days fellow Pharmacists!


Dip low

A couple of months ago we posted up the Soulwax remix of the new Hot Chip song, Ready For The Floor, which will be on their new album.

Well here is our follow up to that song, remixed by Diplo, its called Shake a Fist.

Both of these remixes are available to buy on the new Hot Chip single which you can pre order from here.

And I'll throw this one in just for good measure...

Samim - Heater (Diplo Remix)

Hot Chip - Shake a Fist (Diplo Remix)

Check out Diplo's Myspace here.