The Apple of Our Eye

Adam Kesher is Gee Wizz's favourite band. The French artpop group have wiggled their way into our hearts with their perfect blend of rock and dance, managing to somehow stand out of the large field with an urgent, energetic, mental electro disposition.

Many of their songs have got the remix treatment of late, especially Modern Times (which we featured in our best tracks of last year) which is good as it gets them more exposure (especially in the blog age where you need a new remix every hour to stay on top of the pile), though it possibly leads to their originals not gaining as much fanfare, which is crazy, because they are crazy good! But not to worry, Gee Wizz have you covered.

They are currently embarking on their Happy Vandals Tour of UK, promoting the UK release of their Happy Vandals EP (buybuybuy), and we realllllly want to see them in Melbourne, Australia. Check out adamkesher.com for other terrific releases such as the An Allegory of Chastity EP, which features 3 of the following songs, and don't forget the Modern Times EP!

Adam Kesher - Feel You In My Arms
Adam Kesher - P-Katerine
Adam Kesher - Irene
Adam Kesher - Modern Times

Visit them on myspace as well, because you will love them as much as we do.

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