Oh wait, Oh Eight (Part ii)

Yesterday I put up the first segment of my favourite songs from 2007, and funnily enough here is the next, songs 10 - 6.

10. Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Vicarious Bliss Mellotron Mix)

UK mob Cazals have brought out To Cut A Long Story Short, a killer tune, on Kitsune. Vicarious Bliss, along with autoKratz and Streetlife dj's made remixes for the vinyl. This mix from Vicarious Bliss however, was not put on the record, which is odd because it is clearly the pick of the bunch, I could listen to it forever.

9. Matt and Kim - Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus Remix)

This catchy little indie dance tune from Matt and Kim was spliced with the "Where's Your Head At" synthline and turned into every wigger and hipsters favourite club tune by Iheartcomix stablemate Flosstradamus.

8. Justice feat. Uffie - The Party (LA Riots Mix)

I tried my best to get through this list without a) putting in any tracks I've posted before, and b) without any Justice, but LA Riots made me succumb to both. The original track is OK but LA Riots have a knack for turning tunes from good to great. Probably my favourite remixers of 2007, with other solid re-jigs like DVNO (Justice again), Scanners - Lowlife, and Photek's Love and War. This is always first up in a Gee Wizz DJ set.

7. The Glamour - Respect The Party

The Glamour pretty much came out of nowhere with this track, and what a track it is. Respect The Party got alllll the cool kids off the bar and on the D-floor. Their follow ups, 'Bang My Head' and 'Kidz Night' were garbage, 'Fly By Night' was OK, and 'Feet 2 the Floor' was a little better, but they ain't got nothing on this one.

6. Adam Kesher - Modern Times

French band Adam Kesher is a Gee Wizz all time favourite (most likely a post on them coming soon), and Modern Times is quite simply a killer track, and the best remixed of the year. That's why I'm not posting the original, but three awesome remixes of it. Enjoy.

Adam Kesher - Modern Times (Pedro & Panama Remix)
Adam Kesher - Modern Times (Goon Koyote Remix)
Adam Kesher - Modern Times (908 Remix)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have 5-1 up because I'm going away tomorrow. Au revoir.


AD/TG said...

Garbage you say? Haha, well I'm glad you liked one of our tracks.

nic said...

haha it was a bit of an exaggeration, only because we loved Respect The Party so much, we want more!

24carats said...

We've been so busy but more on the way for sure!