Oh wait, Oh Eight (Part iii)

So we come to the last segment of the best of 2007 music. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

5. Friendly Fires - On Board (Nic Nell NTronica Remix)

British trio Friendly Fires are probably more well known for their tune 'Paris', but I think 'On Board' takes the cake - a marvelous concoction of dance and post punk. Nic Nell adds just enough of the colder glitchy tech element to compliment it rather than overpower it, and Gee Wizz does it work, combining with the vocals and bass line to form some sort of controlled chaos.

4. Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle

Part of the great Moshi Moshi singles club (along with Friendly Fires - Paris), Bathroom Gurgle (produced by Erol Alkan) is like a Jekyll and Hyde song, managing to mix 80s synth pop in the same vein as Human League with a grand Rocky Horror Show finale. How you could not lose your b-a-n-a-n-a-s to such a song is inconceivable. A great sound that is bang on the money whilst still being original.

3. Foals - Hummer

If you are a Forward Russia fan like I am, you will love Foals (for some reason Foals have their own section on a Forward Russia forum, they just go together like peas and carrots). The dance punk-band have now built up an awesome portfolio of tunes, and Hummer, probably the most dance friendly of the pack, makes everyone stand up and notice/dance.

2. Scenario Rock - Perfect Love Antidote
Scenario Rock - Perfect Love Antidote (Hey Champ Remix)

Remember that old classic Skitzo Dancer? Well this is another classic from French duo Scenario Rock (aka Mehdi Pinson and Ludovic Therrault). The Justice remix of Skitzo Dancer gained cult status here in Australia, and the favour was returned as Mehdi Pinson laid down the vocals for Justice's DVNO. The brand new Perfect Love Antidote is slightly off kilter to the whole electro banger thing they had going with Skitzo Dancer, but that is just the thing that makes it sooooo great. They tell a great story through their tracks and their humour and style can turn any frown upside down. And don't forget the Hey Champ Remix, which stays true to the track (crap effort Bobmo) whilst delivering a more club friendly sound. Simply awesome.

1. Crystal Castles vs The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover

How apt. This song was my ring tone until 11:50 pm on New Years Eve when I fucked my phone up carrying an esky from car to house. So this song sort of has to be number one for nostalgic purposes, regardless of quality. Though it wouldn't have been my ring tone if it were shit. Hrmmm.....

Who cares. It was totally the best song of the year.

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