Garage Daysss

Ok Ok, I know these last couple of posts have been on some of the more "popular" garage bands, but i thought i would get them out of the way before i delve into he world of one hit wonders that were oh-so popular in the 60's.

Alright so this week we have The Sonics, which formed in 1964 and first recorded The Witch, which went on to be a hit of sorts, especially in Washington where the band lived.

After that the guys thought it was time to cut a whole album, so the band went into Keaney's Studios to record the classic LP "Here Come The Sonics."
The album was recored on a two-track tape recorder with only one microphone to back up the whole drum kit.

Then they went on to record a second album in 1965 titled "Boom" and a year later were openig for such bands as The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Jay & The Americans, Ray Stevens, Herman's Hermits, The Righteous Brothers, The Kinks, Lovin' Spoonful, Liverpool 5, Shangri-Las, Mamas & The Papas and The Byrds.

Funnily enough the band faded away in 68-69 after trying to copy Love by adding horns and bells to their new tracks, which didn't go down well with the fans who new them too well as the pioneers of fuzz guitar.

The Sonics - Strychnine

The Sonics - The Witch

The Sonics - Psycho


At the next intersection, turn left

So mike and flash are the dancing queens when it comes to music.. we all know that.. even prolific dj 'tranterco' steals music off mike through this very blog... hence I'm not going to compete with them directly and given our recent holiday period and road trips to Phillip Island thought I'd drop some driving music.

Now this is an important note.. I'm quite a reasonably paced driver.. as in not fast.. so this isn't 'music to do speedway chases and get on some shit cops rip off with a ex blue healers cast member doing the narrative' this is a 'driving down to the fish and chip shop when the suns blearing with all the windows down' kinda music.

Oh no! oh my! - The Party Punch
Kings of Leon - Rememo
Ryan Adams - Damn Sam

Paul John George and Ringo - Rocky Racoon

The Unicorns - Thunder and Lightning

Now listen to this last mystery track and try and tell me you can't imagine yourself cruisin to the beach with this shit cranked! As a test to see if anyone actually reads this shit if you can tell me where this awesome song comes from, I'll buy you a drink (from the GWAP piggy bank)



My Island Home

Soooooo like ummmm we've been down in Phillip Island the last few days playing frisbee on le beach, filling watermelons with too much vodka, drinking coconut water and getting uncomfortably drunk with middle school teachers. The weather forecast predicted an unusually warm patch of days, thus the pharmacists and I decided to jump in the trusty Prelude wind the windows alllll the way down and let our hair flow in a similar direction... and as a result of such an occasion here is the official Gee Wizz Pre-Summer Playlist (Part 1)!

Justice - The Party (LA Riots Remix)
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
Soft Tigers - Mr Ice Cream (Miami Horror Remix)
Screamclub vs Ben Adorable feat. Peaches - Fine As Fuck
A-ha - Take On Me
Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle
Grafton Primary - I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix)
Anavan - Mingle
Klaxons - As Above, So Below (French Version)
The Teenagers - Sunset Beach


Easter comes early

If you haven't noticed the epidemic of late, music is turning into potatoes... That's right ladies and gentlemen, POTATOES! Luckily there are a few chef's around to make good of the influx of potatoes and turn them into culinary delights by way of mashing them. But enough of my hilarity and onto the point of the post, and that is Hipster Hop. Come on, who doesn't want to hear Bell Biv Devoe chopped over Sebastian? Exactly.

Following in the footsteps of Girl Talk, 'Easter Egg' also creates, with laptop in toe, an eclectic musical smörgåsbord. Easter Egg's brand of hip hop spliced over electro/pop/rock, under the cutely dubbed genre of Hipster Hop, comes Gee Wizz endorsed. His mixed 'Wiggers and Hipsters' is just fun, and the only time you stop dancing is to try and figure out the simultaneous songs with your other drunk friends and Oprah hugging every time you get it right.

Here are a few tracks off Wiggers and Hipsters. It is all mixed and all good so I just picked the tracks that were playing at the time I posted this.

Easter Egg - King of the Trill
Easter Egg - Straight to the Bar
Easter Egg - Rhino Legs

Jump over to his myspace for heaps more.



I'm diggin':

Some shoes-

Reebok Omni lite Easter editions probably the tightest shoes
around at the moment i can't find anywhere that sells
them except ebay so the hunt's on

also equally as kool and not with the price tag
Reebok reverse jams sold out of my size ate karmaloop.com
Some Music:


Dance Dance Dance

Ive been meaning to post this track for a couple of weeks now but have been far too lazy with all this hot weather.

Its a new track from Hot Chip that hasn’t been released yet, which has been remixed by Soulwax.

The track is on the new Soulwax remix album, I have not heard it all yet but what I have heard has been great, some of the stuff is old and some is new.

Because they were only allowed to include the dub of this track on the album you don’t get to hear the chorus, but it will still get you dancing all the same.

check out their myspace - here


Cowbell Hero


What's the time, Mr Wolf?

Last night my friend Cheddar and I wandered down to the Corner Hotel in Richmond for the much anticipated Patrick Wolf.

For those unfamiliar, Mr Wolf is an English singer/songwriter/musician whose music melds folk-esque ukuleles and violins with electronic bleeps and sounds. He released his first album 'Lycanthropy' at 18, then came 'Wind in the Wires', and now at 24, he has released his third album, "The Magic Position", which came out earlier this year. He plays 21 instruments, dresses in a similar vein to Ziggy Stardust, and has been compared to Bowie and Bjork.

The crowd was an eclectic group of annoying people, varying from fat, hairy sweaty men who danced like fruits and blocked the view, to apathetic disaffected dykes, to people who felt compelled to record the whole thing on their mobile phone or camera. Patrick however, was incredible. Despite walking off in the middle of one of my favourite songs 'Tristan', exclaiming "I'm fucking Tristan and I am fucking sick of this shit" and knocking down miscellaneous instruments and not returning for about 15 minutes, everyone there was encapsulated by his voice and the great accompanying band, and he got Melbournians moving as much as Melbournians are ever going to move.

Flamboyant, androgynous, and rather overgrown nymph like, he exposes various facets of himself with his dyed red hair, prancing, vulnerability, brashness and ferocity. Here are a few favourites from the show...

Patrick Wolf - Tristan
Patrick Wolf - The Libertine
Patrick Wolf - The Stars

Go to patrickwolf.com
Buy The Magic Position


GEE WIZZ @ Fashion Keyboard

Hello ladies and germs,
business has been a bit slow around here due to the university exam schedule, but all will be back to normal after Friday afternoon! To celebrate we are DJing are cute little heiny's off at Fashion Keyboard yeehaa so we expect everyone to be there to get loose to the tracks we post on here plus more! We even take requests if you post them here or on the myspace before Friday.......... $2 pots and $5 jagerbombs as well, GEE WIZZ!


Garage Daysss

OK so ive been meaning to start this for a while now, the plan is once a week or maybe once a fortnight i will post up my favourite garage / psychedelic / pre punk / freakbeat / mod bands from the 60's.

The first band i have chosen is Love, who burst onto the Sunset strip in 1965 when they were signed to Electra Records and released their debut self titled album.

The follow up, 1967s "Da Capo" was similarly successful and saw them break into the top 40 with the single "7 And 7 Is." (The very song that inspired Jimi Hendrix to go for that "fuzzy" guitar noise)

This is the same year Love helped The Doors get Signed to Electra, But they never reached the same fame as their label mates, it wasnt because they were not as talented, it was because the band never toured outside of L.A.

Which was good in the short term, while bands like The Byrds and The Doors were busy jetsetting all over the world, Love became the hippest band in L.A, but it also cost them a career.

After the release of their second album the band pretty much disintegrated, with months between gigs and no new material being produced.

But Arthur Lee decided they should have one more crack at it, the plan was that he and Neil Young, (who was in Buffalo Springfeild at the time) would produce one last album with the band, but it would go in a totally new direction, this album was Forever Changes.

Instead of furious pace and fuzz guitar, Forever Changes was totally stripped back with mainly acoustic guitars, a choir and an orchestra, there are a couple of exeptions on the album of course.
Love werent expecting much from this album, but the final product has been claimed as one of the best albums to come out of L.A in the 60s.
The songs below are probably not the most popular from the album but they are my favourites...