Garage Daysss

OK so ive been meaning to start this for a while now, the plan is once a week or maybe once a fortnight i will post up my favourite garage / psychedelic / pre punk / freakbeat / mod bands from the 60's.

The first band i have chosen is Love, who burst onto the Sunset strip in 1965 when they were signed to Electra Records and released their debut self titled album.

The follow up, 1967s "Da Capo" was similarly successful and saw them break into the top 40 with the single "7 And 7 Is." (The very song that inspired Jimi Hendrix to go for that "fuzzy" guitar noise)

This is the same year Love helped The Doors get Signed to Electra, But they never reached the same fame as their label mates, it wasnt because they were not as talented, it was because the band never toured outside of L.A.

Which was good in the short term, while bands like The Byrds and The Doors were busy jetsetting all over the world, Love became the hippest band in L.A, but it also cost them a career.

After the release of their second album the band pretty much disintegrated, with months between gigs and no new material being produced.

But Arthur Lee decided they should have one more crack at it, the plan was that he and Neil Young, (who was in Buffalo Springfeild at the time) would produce one last album with the band, but it would go in a totally new direction, this album was Forever Changes.

Instead of furious pace and fuzz guitar, Forever Changes was totally stripped back with mainly acoustic guitars, a choir and an orchestra, there are a couple of exeptions on the album of course.
Love werent expecting much from this album, but the final product has been claimed as one of the best albums to come out of L.A in the 60s.
The songs below are probably not the most popular from the album but they are my favourites...

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