Public Displays of Affection

Bonjour. Gee Wizz were lucky enough to be included in tremendous French music and culture online hub Street Kiss's now famous World's Best Blogs Playlist.

At the beginning of the year they brought out the Early 2008 World Best Blog Playlist with entries from the likes of Kidz By Collette, Pardon My Freedom and Monsier P.

This time they expanded their field to include their favourite international blogs, and we were one of the very proud 13 to be invited to put in our selection for The Love Spring 2008 World Best Blog Playlist!

Included in the Playlist are selections from international uberblogs Boule a Facettes, Buffet Libre, and Get Weird Turn Pro. Selections include tunes from Booka Shade, Pnau, Mark Ronson, MGMT and Fred Falke, along with the Gee Wizz selection (definitely the best of them all!).

Any guesses to what it is?
Here's a hint, it encapsulates the feeling of Young Love in Spring for us.

Now go over to Streetkiss to check it out on the playlist! Bisous.


P.S. Thank you Streetkiss for the love and recognition. We are especially proud to be the only blog from Australia!


She's Back

Vantastic Van She finally return to reckoning with a tune worthy of being called a tune by Van She!

Cat and the Eye, besides from being an odd departure from the components that made Van She so good in the beginning, was just plain ass.

Now there is Strangers. With a brilliant amalgamation of the sexuality and synth rock robustness of Kelly and Sex City, it captures a bang on sound.

It's not that we don't want the Van She sound to evolve at all, we just want it to be fucking good like we've come to expect. And Strangers is.

Tracks taken down due to request.

Click here to BUY and listen to Van She music


Oh Alison, My Aim is True ;)

Ooh Alison Goldfrapp... Ooh la la indeed. If you could get any sexier, you just did by covering this song. I'd frapp all over her chest any day of the week.

Goldfrapp - Not Over Yet (Klaxons Cover) [Alternative Link]

Golden Era

Australian music now is nothing compared to this!

The golden era of music...

90's Alternative...

When Triple J Hottest 100 compilations were actually good and we had Recovery with Dylan Lewis on Sunday mornings to look forward to.

Thus the brilliant videos included below.

Best post everrrr.

Custard - Girls Like That

Regurgitator - Polyester Girl

Jebediah - Leaving Home

Grinspoon - Just Ace

Spiderbait - Calypso


You Can On A Canon

I woke up one day last week with my television on and a film about to start. Good timing. The film in question was Mike Myers 1993 'comedy' So I Married An Axe Murderer. Now whilst I was never going to put myself through the pain of watching the whole thing, the opening credits of the film is fantastic.


Because it features a cover of The La's classic 'There She Goes', by The Boo Radleys.

I don't give a fuck if it's about heroin, it's 17 types of awesome, plus not that hard to sing with friends whilst inebriated for fun times and keeping up neighbours.

The La's // There She Goes

The Boo Radleys // There She Goes



My goodness we at Gee Wizz have been busy little beavers. Hence the lack of activity here for a bit, but it seems as though it is picking up! This post is about nothing in particular, has no coherency and will feature no recurring themes. It's just whatever the fuck I feel like sharing - thus the SHOW BAG. First it was gonna be about remixes, but then I wanted to chuck in shit that wasn't remixed, so the only thing these songs have in common is that they are songs... and that I like them.

On a completely unrelated note (zomg I've paradoxically created a motif of irrelevance, I am the real Maverick) I've been listening to a whole bunch of Jazz lately as I want it to be playing at my birthday exxxtravaganza so I think my next post will be about that.

Also, go to POGO this Thursday seeing you have Friday off for Anzac Day you have no excuse, Gee Wizz will be thurrr representing and Tranter as well (he was on the front of Inpress you know). Use the Gee Wizz list for discount entry and casual sex.


M83 // Graveyard Girl (Yuksek Remix)

I lurrrve M83 and Yuksek is superduper - better than his remix of Adam Kesher's Feel You In My Arms?) Speaking of segways....

Adam Kesher // And Then Our Thoughts Became Old Again

Neu Adam K. This is one of those songs that if you could make them tangible, you would have dirty anal sex with while you slap them around, and then fall asleep exhausted in a pile of sweat and grime.

Q and Not U // Wonderful People

Classic mo fo.

Rappers Delight // Hum

A gem off an old Skeetpartay mixology (my favourite one, the one with the String Quartet's cover of Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker to open it and also featuring Ladyhawke's Back of the Van pre-Modular, Candypants - Nerdy Boy, Tilly and the Wall - Bad Education, Scientists of Modern Music, Voxtrot, Dance With Voices, Good Shoes, MSTRKRFT, Peachcake AND the Gumby themesong!). I showed my tweenage cousin this to illustrate how cool and relevant I am and how lame Fergie is. It didn't work, but I wana be 5 and rap now.

Shiny Toy Guns // Don't Cry Out (Teenagers Remix)

This is one of my favourite songs ever for some reason. In reference to the Adam K song, the tangible manifestation of this song would be embraced til the wee hours of the morn. And then I would make it blueberry pancakes and watch The Notebook with it.

Bloc Party // I Still Remember (Lull's Music Box and Tears Mix)

Aaaaand last but not least, one to snuggle into bed to, which is precisely what I am going to do right now!



Bangers are dead, 2008 seems to be seeing the return of disco and one act that will be getting plenty of attention this year is Aeroplane.

A duo consisting of Stephen Fasano and Vito De Luca based in Belgium, expect to be hearing more from these guys!

Aeroplane - Above The Clouds

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Aeroplane remix) - edit!
To be released on an upcoming compilation and cannot post... yet.

Das Pop - Fool for Love (Aeroplane remix)

Add them on Myspace HERE.


Hey There Little Red

Little Red Hail from Melbourne and over the past year have become quite popular nation wide, I remember when we first saw them play at Click Click well over a year ago when they were still making a name for themselves and they sure have come a long way since then!

But whilst browsing Hype Machine recently i noticed that no one has really blogged about them yet, and I'm not sure why.

So this post is going to be dedicated to our international readers as I'm positive most of local readers have heard all of these songs.

They have a great indie pop sound and at the same time remind me of the Beach Boys a bit.

Little Red - Anytime

Little Red - Coca Cola

Little Red - Waiting

Check out their Myspace HERE.


Grind It

We have got a lot of emails here at Gee Wizz from people wondering what our favourite movie of all time is. Well here is the answer ladies and gentlemen...



Manage This

You know you have cottoned onto a band too late when they are being played on Video Hits before you get to blog them, I was sitting here thinking i would blog about MGMT, then at that moment i heard Time to Pretend coming from my TV.

Well fuck it, I'm posting this shit up anyway. Thank god they are just not another duo who sit behind their laptops fucking around on Ableton.

MGMT - Time to Pretend

MGMT - Electric Feel


Hear Here

"And even after all my logic and theory, I add a 'motherfucker' so you ignorant niggers hear me."

I love Lauryn Hill. So does Obama. Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of Hip Hop, she has always made intelligent music in a creative manner. And this is one of my favourite lines of all time! Her Miseducation gets regular play, but her work on The Score in The Fugees is an all time fave. Not only does it include their amazing cover of Killing Me Softly, it also contains a cover of Bob Marley's 'No Woman, No Cry' and an illegal sample of an Enya's 'Boadicea' on the tune 'Ready or Not'. The bitch got bite!

The Fugees - Zealots

The Fugees - Ready or Not


Bombay Talkie

I went out and bought the soundtrack from Wes Andersons The Darjeeling Limited the other day and I was soooooo excited to find it in the 15th JB HiFi that I'd looked in for it! Yet after the 2nd song I was somewhat naively surprised to find a full on bollywood Indian song, and then another, and another and so on until you eventually run into some Kinks and one Stones song.

Now after investing 26 damn dollars into something I fully know I could have got off the net for free I bit my lip and freakin pushed on and to give it credit, after a bit of warming up, it's not too bad. So here's a little taste of my favorites from the generous 22 track album.

This first track is playing in the mini movie at the start where Natalie Portman (a Gee Wizz favourite) does this! VVVV

Peter Sarstetd - Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)
The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow
The Kinks - Powerman
The Rolling Stones - Play With Fire
Shankar Jaikishan - Title Music from Merchant-Ivory's Film "Bombay Talkie"
Joe Dassin - Les Champ-Elysees



Breakbot is embarking on an Australian tour, he will be supporting Pnau on their national tour as well as doing a few side shows of his own, including one at our local haunt Fashion Keyboard on April 25.

For the rest of his tour dates check out his Myspace HERE.

Pnau - Baby (Breakbot remix)

That time of year

This is mainly for all you southern hemisphereians out there, as you probably know autumn is here and is easily my favourite time of the year.

Don't you love the fresh and still mornings? and the fact that it can be blue skies and sunny but still a perfect temperature? And of course lets not forget all those falling leaves.

Who else loves autumn as much as i do?

The Kinks - Autumn Almanac


Who's Your Daddy?

This is the aftermath of the last time Gee Wizz dj'd. Old papi Haynes couldn't handle his shit. Well guess what...

GEE WIZZ DJ'z @ le Fashion Keyboard
FRIDAY (im in love) APRIL 11th



In Melbourne we are kind of an insular bunch in terms of the rest of Australia. Basically, Melbourne is better than anywhere else in Australia and we know it. So sometimes we tend to overlook great things from elsewhere. And these guys should not be overlooked.

The Dirty Secrets are a rocky-post-punkie quartet from Perth - not just that band that you had never heard of that superhero/crimefighter Miami Horror remixed in the not too distant past.

Their shows are as energetic as their music, and they are slowly making a name for themselves, which the releasing of their debut album will surely speed up.

Be one of the first in Melbourne to catch onto them by listening to these couple of tracks, then go to Pogo tomorrow night and see them play those very tracks! And you can show off your music knowledge and pretend you've loved them for ages. Go on, do it. Be sure to use the Gee Wizz guestlist for discounted entry as well.

Buy their album here you sexy beast you.

The Dirty Secrets - 5 Feet of Snow

The Dirty Secrets - Lighthouse