Oh Alison, My Aim is True ;)

Ooh Alison Goldfrapp... Ooh la la indeed. If you could get any sexier, you just did by covering this song. I'd frapp all over her chest any day of the week.

Goldfrapp - Not Over Yet (Klaxons Cover) [Alternative Link]


ilovepie said...

Surely it's not a Klaxons cover by a Grace cover ?? or am I just showing my age :)

Joel said...

Paul Oakenfold also did this song before the Klaxons. I think it's on the Creamfields.

nic said...

tis true, klaxons covered grace, though it's just so much blogger friendly to call it a klaxons cover haha!

brugo said...

everybody keeeps corretcing about the soing being Grace's.

the point is we only know the Klaxons' one, so let's move on!


Too Many Sebastians said...

That was a big tune in the 90's... I'm surprised nobody can remember it.. I was ten. It came out in 95!

You should check it out, quite good.

Paul said...

ooh dear, you've not made me happy calling it a Klaxons cover, tut tut!! great tune though ;-)

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Anonymous said...

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