Sword In The Stone

Have you encountered EXCALIBUR???

What is your favourite poem???


Can't Get Enough

A while back i posted up a couple of Lifelike songs, one being the totally epic remix of Chromeo's Needy Girl. Well ladies and Gentlemen our man Laurent Ash has done it again.

This time doing Cazals, Somebody Somewhere, i can say that Lifelike has hands down been my favourite remixer lately.

Cazals - Somebody Somewhere (Lifelike remix)

And seen as though Lifelike's first major break Discopolis (done with kris menace) was put out on Alan Braxe's label Vulture, i thought this would be a good enough segway for me to post up this new track.

Kelis - Bossy (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke remix)

Ghosts and their Colours

Here's a quick interview with Cut Copy done by Blender while at SXSW that turned up in our inbox. Notice Dan's tee ;)

Go here for more Gee Wizz on Cut Copy - listen to their music and buy their album!

Don't forget in Melbourne TONIGHT is the exclusive Cut Copy 'In Ghost Colours' party at Pogo on the rooftop. Using the GEE WIZZ guestlist will get you discount entry to it. Booya.



In Australia there are three numbers that you can dial EVEN IF YOUR PHONE IS LOCKED! When I found this out I was astounded. The first one is obvious - 000, the Australian emergency number. The 2nd one is 112, which, besides being an RNB group, is apparently an international emergency number which connects you to the nearest telephone signal when out of range. Seems logical enough. The 3rd one however, is 911. zomgwtfsrsly. Are we that Americanized that if we happen to be in an emergency, the first number we think to dial would be 9-1-1? Not only is it HARDER to dial (having to reach from 9 down the bottom all the way to 1 on the top of the pad wastes precious nanoseconds compared to pounding 0 three times), it is NOT the emergency number.

Anyway, French producer Danger has moved into remixing with his reworking of American Boys by Estelle feat. Kanye. Now this is the type of crossover that makes sense to me - from London to Cali to Paris. I bet they don't use 911 in France. Maverick will like this one, he's gangsta if you didn't know.

Estelle feat. Kanye West // American Boy (Danger! Remix)

Bad Report Card

Imagine taking home this report card to your folks when you were in the 6th grade:

Pretty bad huh? Fortunately today you'll be glad to hear CFCF. The Montreal based magician aka Mike Silver has put his midas touch to a number of great songs, Health's Triceratops and The Teenager's Sunset Beach are a couple Gee Wizz have reported on, plus others from Justice, Spank Rock, The Jets (that song Aaron Carter covered), Crystal Castles and soon Heartsrevolution's CYOA (remixed almost as much as Club Action and Homecoming).

His dreamy synth got us googoo eyed after transforming Triceratops into a Night Rider theme styled epic, and his spaced out supposition has certainly got him in good stead in the near future as it begins to become more and more popular. Here at Gee Wizz we have a showbag of productions and remixes from CFCF, and whilst his name makes a bad report card, we give him an A+.

CFCF // Claudio

Apache Beat // Tropics (CFCF Remix)

CFCF // How Bizarre (OMC Cover)

Sally Shapiro // Time To Let Go (CFCF Remix)


Double Glazed

Only yesterday did I post about the wonderful Chromatics and the 'neu-Italo' stylings of the Italians Do It Better menagerie. Well after a taste of that comes an even bigger serving, this time from their associates from IDIB, Glass Candy.

The 'golden child' project of the collective, the duo consisting of Ida No and Johnny Jewel (also a contributor for Chromatics) combine their clean synth driven sound falling around the lusty yet abstract lyrics and intermediate yelps of No. Glass Candy are more disco and less haunting than Chromatics, with a sumptuous recapturing of Italo and Space Disco with a subtle modern twist.

This post is not out of the blue however, because Glass Candy, who like Flosstradamus are down in Aus for the V Festival, are also playing a side show in old Melbourne town, this one on April 3rd at The Toff In Town. They've been described as "one of the best live/dance bands out in North America" - iheartcomix, so it would be a tragedy to miss out on this one. Grab your tickets from Moshtix or from Modular asap!

Their album B/E/A/T/B/O/X was released last year, with 9 chillingly cool songs that will get you moving like it's 1982. Or 2082. Or like a robot. Or a seductive vamp. Or a robot seductive vamp from 2082.

Glass Candy // Life After Sundown

Glass Candy // Etheric Device

Glass Candy // Computer Love


Dental Plan

Flosstradamus will be down in Australia for the V Festival. The V Festival heads down for the Melbourne leg on Saturday the 5th of April, and Flosstradamus is playing a sideshow at Third Class on the 28th of March!

Flosstradamus is of course CHI-town duo Autobot and J2K, part of the furniture at the iheartcomix stable. They blew up with Laffy Taffy, Girlie Rock with Kid Sister, and their remix of Matt+Kim's Yeah Yeah that we at GEE WIZZ included in our best of 2007. It's an exciting time to be these guys, touring all around the world and about to launch some brand new tracks onto the blogosphere, imagine the trim!

Flosstradamus know how to party; after setting up their own night and routinely selling it out without any advertising, it's obviously because of their quality. Hip-hop mashed with anything you can think of from acid rave to old time classics and the most obscure of obscure, sort of sounds like, well, Third Class. There ain't many chances to party like this in Melbourne, so get on it! Here is their latest remix, of my favourite ice cream pusher's Heartsrevolution's now blog classic tune.

Heartsrevolution // Choose Your Own Adventure (Flosstradamus Remix)


For those living under rocks the past year, pretty much everyone's most anticipated album over that time span was D-R-O-P-P-E-D.

Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours (incredibly aptly titled, it somehow pinpoints the mise-en-scene of the album perfectly) was getting crazy hype, and deservedly so. To many aficionado's, it seemed that while a few of Australia's heavyweight electro-pop bands regressed with their sophomore efforts (Van She? Presets?) Cut Copy went from strength to strength. Following up to Bright Like Neon Love was never going to be an easy task, but bringing a more defined sound - losing some funk and gaining some 80s infused synth - has brought about a different flavour of disco. It's fresh, it's clean, it's awesome.

Hearts on Fire, So Haunted, and Lights & Music were released prior to the album, and gained plenty of momentum for the release. The trouble with that is, the rest of the album has to BACK IT UP, otherwise the multitudes of groupies will be left unimpressed. It's a testament to the Melbourne lads that there are a few other single worthy efforts on board here. Kudos for confidence, and kudos for quality. Here are a couple of previews for you.

Cut Copy // Unforgettable Season

Cut Copy // Strangers In The Wind

Snap it up quick here or on itunes, or risk missing it!

P.S. At POGO this Thursday there will be a Cut Copy listening party on the UBERsuave topdeck, so come out in your droves! Gee Wizz will be there with bells on, and you may use the GEE WIZZ GUESTLIST for a discount entry. ;)

When In Chrome...

Do as Chromans do? Or perhaps Chromatics? Though hype hasn't been a problem since Chromatics burst onto the scene, I just couldn't resist ensuring everyone has a taste of their sumptuous, somber sound.

Their album Night Drive (IV) has been haunting me since it was released last year. Which is lucky, because if I wanted anything to haunt me, it would be this. Akin to the soundtrack of some chillingly picturesque film noir mystery set in an Antonio Sant'Elia styled Italian Futurism scene, Chromatics have put together such a refined and austere glimpse of future-discopunk that despite it's down tempo ambiance, the sobering and icy subtleties demand that you do nothing except listen to it.

The Oregonian outfit of the Italians Do It Better coterie successfully crystallize an emotionally rigid yet somehow frail landscape that is more ponderous than party, more eloquent than energetic, more dark than delinquent, and most important, more great than good. Night Drive is available from the Chromatics myspace, along with some sweet merch.

Chromatics // Night Drive

Chromatics // The Killing Spree

Chromatics // Mask

I would love to post the whole album, but seriously indulge yourself and buy Night Drive for a meager 12 bones.


Happy Easter!

Yes Happy Easter to all, i should hope that your all munching on your chocolate while reading this.

Anywayz down to business, this track has been doing the rounds on some of the bigger blogs such as BiBaBiDi, but i couldn't resist posting it up myself.

These New Puritans - Navigate, Navigate (The Loving Hands Remix)

And the song is just as long as the title itself, the reason being, the original was put together by These New Puritans as a soundtrack i suppose for some Dior Homme fashion show in France, anyway thats not important, the important thing is the whole 12 minutes has been remixed by The Loving Hands a.k.a Tim Goldsworthy from DFA Records.

P.S Is anyone going out tonight in Melbourne?


School's Out

School is out for Easter, and if you're as lucky as me, after being back only a few weeks, you have a weeks break! So what are you doing with your (Good) Friday off??? We have a brilliant idea for you... Recovering! (Something Macaulay's career never did.)

Because on (Great) Thursday night school is in for Melburnians, with Grafton Primary performing live at Pogo for us. The whole Gee Wizz crew will be down for a reunion after persuing our individual endeavours for a while, and you should be too! Use the Gee Wizz guestlist to make sure you're in, and in cheap. Also grab a copy of the Goldfrapp album giveaway. If you need a lift call Basar.

So onto the school in question - Grafton Primary. The lads from Sydney made a big splash on the blogosphere with their exceptional 'I Can Cook' (brilliantly remixed by Monsieur Horror as well, who is building up a huuuge repertoire of killer remixes, the newest being Fa Fa Fa). Their style is basically an amalgamation of all that was good in the eighties, with New Romantic and New Wave synth pop influences eminent.

I've never seen them live before, though I've heard they're quite the barnstorming live act, so do yourself a favour and join us there. And if you need more convincing (as if you do, we just like to spoil you), below are a couple more reasons why you should be going to Primary on your school holidays.

Grafton Primary - Relativity

Grafton Primary - Change

P.S. Their new EP 'Relativity' is out now, and you could and should get it from (here or here, or itunes). Or else you need to go back to school.


Cats in Hats

Music of late hasn't really been grabbing me, so i thought i would take the opportunity to post up some not so recent stuff.

Introducing Clarky Cat, a three piece from the UK, who surprisingly haven't had much bloggage. They remind me a bit of Shitdisco... do you think?

Clarky Cat - Reasons

Clarky Cat - Secret Society

Also it's easter this weekend so if your heading to Pogo on Thursday night, be sure to use the GEE WIZZ GUESTLIST for cheaper entry!


Back In Black

My friend told me to blog about a song. He likes the Crookers. So naturally, I poo-pooed his idea in a manner any kind friend would do, by calling him a fuckhead (definition of fuckhead: A person of poor judgment yet considerable enthusiasm. A fuckhead is generally stupid and persistent in his stupidity). Yet his insistence, in this case, was welcome as it actually was a decent song.

By the Black Kids, whose EP 'Wizard of Ahhhs' was/is widely available for free if you are smart enough to use a computer, this song is just a nice catchy tune to get your groove on to over and over. I've listened to the EP a few times and it's quite good, but the Twelves Remix of I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (song in question) takes the tune up another level, like all good remixes should do, making you think, "why the fuck didn't they just do it like this the first time?"

The Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (Twelves Remix)


6 Months on a LEAKY Boat

By the looks of things the debut Crystal Castles album has oozed out much like the blog version of Melbourne's Underbelly, and luckily I have a little taste for you! Just something to whet one's

whistle, here are four songs from the album that your ears probably haven't been blessed with.

It's unfortunate that we've practically heard the album already due to the leaky/friendly nature of the CC Music Factory... their isn't really anything new that is out of the ordinary or extraordinary for CC, but it's a damn solid castle these kids are building... even if their boat needs a little work.

Pre-order the album here cunts, and check out their shit hot new tees at their myspace, Slick has dibs on black... Sickest!!!

Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating

Crystal Castles - Vanished

Crystal Castles - Black Panther

Crystal Castles - Through The Hosiery


Lock up your daughters

A while back Nick announced that Futurecop! was planning an Australian tour, but no dates had been confirmed as yet.

Well folks here they are...

7 June - Trashbags, Sydney

8 June - First Kiss, Queensland

12 June - Pogo, Melbourne (say GEE WIZZ at the door for cheap entry)

14 June - Kill The Radio, Sydney

15 June - Moulin Rouge, Sydney

It looks like they will also be playing a gig on 13 June (which is a Friday, unlucky for some) but is yet to be announced.

So you won't have to wait to catch Futurecop! too long in the future.

Futurecop! - Youngstar (feat. Dizzee Rascal)


Welcome Back Mikey!

A big welcome back to our long lost pharmacist Mike! He has been lying on Thai beaches for the last 2 weeks, a trip which was funded by the success of Gee Wizz and the Pharmacists business endeavours (this music blog included... cha ching). Here is a tribute to our hirsute hero.


Teenage Surgery

Be proud of who you are and what you look like. You are unique the way you were made, you don't need a new nose like Ashlee, or new breasts like Lindsay, or new lips like Keira. You can get get a new haircut or lose some weight though, that shit's ok. And wear sunscreen.

The only types of Teenage surgery I approve of are by Dr. CFCF and Dr. Delorean. See below.

The Teenagers - Sunset Beach (CFCF Remix)

The Teenagers - Love No (Delorean Remix)


Cover me in HONEY

YEOWWWWWWWW. Summer is over and winter's bearing its cold dark head down on the Southern hemisphere *cries*. The turn of the seasons means NU SHIT

JUXTAPOZ 2008 March issue is out. Art and culture conisours will get the smacked up fix this month with a custom cover by Dutch artist Parra.
The LOOTS Double breaster hoodie. I like it if any one buys it i will stab then in the eye with a ball point pen :). Karmaloop.
MUSIC....Run wild and be free xoxox
"Tighter than a nuns nasty" - THE POPE