School's Out

School is out for Easter, and if you're as lucky as me, after being back only a few weeks, you have a weeks break! So what are you doing with your (Good) Friday off??? We have a brilliant idea for you... Recovering! (Something Macaulay's career never did.)

Because on (Great) Thursday night school is in for Melburnians, with Grafton Primary performing live at Pogo for us. The whole Gee Wizz crew will be down for a reunion after persuing our individual endeavours for a while, and you should be too! Use the Gee Wizz guestlist to make sure you're in, and in cheap. Also grab a copy of the Goldfrapp album giveaway. If you need a lift call Basar.

So onto the school in question - Grafton Primary. The lads from Sydney made a big splash on the blogosphere with their exceptional 'I Can Cook' (brilliantly remixed by Monsieur Horror as well, who is building up a huuuge repertoire of killer remixes, the newest being Fa Fa Fa). Their style is basically an amalgamation of all that was good in the eighties, with New Romantic and New Wave synth pop influences eminent.

I've never seen them live before, though I've heard they're quite the barnstorming live act, so do yourself a favour and join us there. And if you need more convincing (as if you do, we just like to spoil you), below are a couple more reasons why you should be going to Primary on your school holidays.

Grafton Primary - Relativity

Grafton Primary - Change

P.S. Their new EP 'Relativity' is out now, and you could and should get it from (here or here, or itunes). Or else you need to go back to school.

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I'm from one the UK's biggest blogs, The Recommender, and I've been looking for Grafton Primary's 'Relativity' mp3.

Any chance you can email it to odelaybradford@gmail.com??

I noticed that you don't have us on your blogroll too... http://therecommender.net

All the best,