Wolf Moon

The Desert Wolves were a band from Manchester that were floating around in the mid 80's, they were one of those bands that I've heard of but never really listened to.

So it turns out they were pretty fucking good! They have a great timelessness about them, whilst most pop songs get tired after a few listens, these songs sound great after 20 years!

The Desert Wolves - Passion in the Afternoon

The Desert Wolves - Mexico


Young Love

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are one of those bands that remind you of summer and make you feel like going on a road trip with a handful of your closest friends. Expect to hear big things form this New York band in the future.

Put these songs on your next mix CD and be sure to play them whilst your cruising around with the window down, the warm sun on your arm and the cool breeze blowing in your face.
Spring has sprung bitchessss.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - A Teenager in Love

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Young Adult Friction

Check out their MYSPACE.


It's been a while

Fuck, how long has it been since we posted some music?

Hopefully this will make it up to you guys and grrrls.

Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy (Architecture in Helsinki remix)

Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool


Crystal bubbles will cremate our troubles!

Natalie Portman is pretty much a Gee Wizz favourite..
THE Gee Wizz favourite!!! so when I saw her in this video clip lets just say I knew it would be a post.

PLUS the music from Devendra Banhart is pretty sweet too! A lot of people liken this dudes unique voice and singing style to Marc Bolan of T.Rex fame so check it!

And just to make today even better I found another song by Banhart which is a cover of Oasis' "Don't Look back in anger" which this video clip won some award for and this version even starts with a bit of John Lennon "Imagine" (apparently because Don't look back in anger is a tribute from Noel Gallagher to John Lennon)
Side note: Liam Gallagher actually thinks he is the reincarnation of John Lennon even though he was born before Lennon died...


You Only Live Thrice

run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run come come come come come come come come come come come come come
IDIB is my fav first Chromatics Glass Candy then Mirage Farah beautiful beautiful beautiful this is the laws of life this is the laws of life you wake up you understand you see the world becomes right this the way the world is we are bothered by the problem of evil because life is a mystery there is no explanation to give for the suffering and pain torture and destruction and the hunger in the world you'll never explain it because life is a mystery your thinking mind cannot make sense of it loneliness vanishes into sunbeams through my prophetic dreams together in our blood flow here we gooo how shit is new bloc party how good is new damir doma collection how shit is late night television how good is fresh new bedsheets how shit is squash elbow how good am i

Farah // Law of Life

Mirage // Lady Operator

JB Classic:
Fourplay // Reptilia

M-Dawg Classic:
The Cure // Fire In Cairo

Flash Classic:
New Order // Ceremony

Maverick Classic:
Gin Blossoms // Follow You Down


Spot of tennis anyone?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Tennis is a game for two or four players, who use rackets to strike a ball over a net stretched across a grass or clay court.

— ORIGIN originally denoting real tennis: apparently from Old French tenez ‘take, receive’ (called by the server to an opponent), from tenir ‘take, hold’.

According to Gee Wizz, Tennis is an indie band from Sydney who have been making a name for themselves by playing with the likes of Matt and Kim, The Ruby Suns and The Holidays.

They are also playing with Children Collide on the 19th of July at the Annandale in Sydney, so if your in the area you should defiantly check them out.

Tennis - A Wind, A Start

Tennis - Dancing On A Knife

Check out their MYSPACE.



Some things to make you smile:

Gee Wizz posting more regularly after brief hiatus.

Le Castlevania @ Pogo this week after missing his flight last week. (Use Gee Wizz guestlist for cheap guaranteed entry)

The fact that you can now join the Gee Wizz last.fm group we just started (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)... who knows it might have sexy results.

Demi Moore's burger (lol).

Remembering what you have instead of dwelling on what you do not.

Smell of shampoo.

The songs below.


Kleerup // Until We Bleed (feat. Lykke Li)

M83 // We Own The Sky (Maps Remix)

Hail Social // No Paradise (Adeyhawke Remix)

Lio // You Go To My Head

Soko // I Will Never Love You More


Last.fm comp

Those of you who are on Last.fm will probably already be aware of the competition that was held to remix the Foals track Electric Bloom.

(Yes i know we have probably posted our fair share on Foals but one more isn't going to hurt i don't think.)

Anyway the winner was announced yesterday, so without further ado, i bring you...

Foals - Electric Bloom (R Ingall remelt)

Also while I'm on the subject check out the video for Red Socks Pugie.



It has been a while since since I've posted anything, and i don't really have an excuse other than I've been lazy.

To tell you the truth i haven't even been really listening to any new music but i thought i would just post up a couple of my favs at the moment.

Both these tracks i love solely because they have been remixed by Metronomy who really do have a sound of their own.

Goldfrapp - Happiness (Metronomy remix Feat. The Teenagers)

Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle (Metronomy remix)

PS. On another note if you were planning on seeing Le Castle Vania tonight at Pogo don't bother, it has been postponed until next Thursday as he missed his flight.



Be Kind, Rewind

Spanish superblog Buffet Libre has invited us at Gee Wizz to take part in 'Rewind'. Rewind is an 80s music cover project, and they have invited many amazing contemporary artists to perform songs from that awesome era. The songs will be compiled and turned into a mixtape that will be available in July, along with a mix of the original songs, so stay tuned!

Buffet Libre have told us that the bands and producers involved in the project are:

Dragonette, Sidechains, The Toxic Avenger, Culture Prophet, Grum, Mendetz,
Anoraak, ER2, The Amplid, Moulinex, Purple Crush, RAC, Russ Chimes, UMYO, Hello Tokyo, CFCF, Fisk vs. Blende, Oh Snap!, Xinobi, The Shoes, CSK OK, Keenhouse, Cryptonites, Adventure Kid, !Trash Yourself, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Paper Scissors, Tknik, Black Dominoes, Vitamins For You, Computer Club, Glitch Bitch, Database, South Central, Clash The Disko Kids, Lillica Libertine, Daroc, Pink Skull, Damage, Beesmunt Soundsystem, Royal Rumble, Mat Payne, Loud Pipes, We Are Terrorists, Emotiquon, Night Facilities, Tempest Disco.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

These are a few pre-releases that we have managed to pry from the hands of Buffet Libre, and I'm sure you will join me in eagerly anticipating the final project!

Purple Crush // Physical Attraction (Madonna Cover) (alt link - zshare)

Men Without Hats // Where Do They Boys Go (Mr Miyagi Maximisation Remix) (alt link - zshare)

CSKA OK // Final Destination (Marietta Cover) (alt link - zshare)

NRK // Couldn't Get Ahead (The Fall Cover) (alt link - zshare)


Final Frontier

Forward Russia have just released their second album titled Life Processes.

If you liked their first album then you will love this, I think it is better than their debut which was already flawless.

It doesn't seem that these folks have had any troubles putting out that "difficult second album."

Forward Russia - Breaking Standing

Forward Russia - We Are Grey Matter

Check out their MYSPACE.


A Rose of Any Other Name...

Minitel Rose are a brilliant band from where else other than those Gallic shores, and of course, from our favourite stable (maybe equal with Italians Do It Better), majestic Valerie.

Their first release, entitled 'The French Machine', has dropped and has some great follow ups to 'Continue' and their Valerie Theme.

Almost like a French Klaxons, they have that same mystic edged rock from somewhere in the future that is mysteriously able to be traced back to historic influences (such as the rather Middle Eastern tinged Magic Powder).

Check out my faves below and make sure you buy buy BUY The French Machine! I'm not actually the biggest fan of what seems to be the upcoming single - Magic Powder, but there is much much more! You can also hear further tracks from Minitel Rose here at the Valerie blog, an original named Business Woman – an homage to the rise of the powerful and independent woman in the 80s (aka SHOULDER PADS), and a remix they have done for French indie rock band Papier Tigre.

Minitel Rose // Better Days

Minitel Rose // Elevator

Minitel Rose // Be With You


Let's Root

Ew not.



I was supposed to post about these guys aaaaaaaaages ago when I saw them at a tiny gig in the back St Kilda cafe. But yeh I forgot... NOW thanks to Triple J (Australian Radio station) and my Wednesday morning peak time trek to uni, my memory has been jolted. This is because these guys were named finalists in the Triple J high school band competition. DON'T LET THIS PUT YOU OFF! (Cajun Dance Party are all still in high school!)

Initially I didn't want to like these guys, they just looked too professional and mature and I was sitting there thinking that someone needs to tell these fuckers that there not 25 and can't drive n shit. However once they started playing they blew my superficial misconceptions away. The lead singer channels Prince like a mad dog (even down to the purple velvet dinner jacket and cravat) and has really quite amazing harmony with the backup vox / lead guitar... and they are sooo tight the abreviation TTB can aptly be replaced with NeonLoveTB or NLTB without any problem.

So check em out and just see how good the local (there from Ballarat but you know it's sort of close) and young talent is.

Neon Love // Disco Me

Neon Love // Get Your Freak On Charlie Beacon

Get some of your own Neon Love on myspace


Not Just A Pretty Face

Scarlett Johansson released an album earlier this month comprising of 10 Tom Waits covers and one original song, normally i wouldn't post anything to do with Tom Waits because he really does not do a single thing for me, but my love of Scarlett out-weighs my dislike for Tom i guess.

Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head (Tom Waits cover)


Fake Fur

The Psychedelic Furs were an English rock band that came to prominence in the late 70s and 80s with hits like Pretty in Pink (The song which inspired the film starring Molly Ringwald), and Love My Way.

They were 'art rock' in a time of punk rock. They were a bunch of emaciated Englishmen, a bit Bowie you might say, and their 1981 album Talk, Talk, Talk would stay their best, after they were pressured into releasing subsequent albums too hastily in the light of the success of the original Pretty in Pink.

The Dresden Dolls are a contemporary 'Brechtian punk cabaret' or alternatively 'theatrical rock' act, hailing from Boston. You might have heard their song 'Coin Operated Boy'.

Anyway, it seems they have developed a penchant for covering The Psychedelic Furs, which is pretty shmick because it doesn't match their usual vaudevillian style at all and is quite, well, nice. Here are a couple of their covers plus my favourite Dresden Dolls original - Missed Me.

The Psychedelic Furs // Love My Way

The Psychedelic Furs // Pretty In Pink

The Dresden Dolls // Pretty In Pink (The Psychedelic Furs Cover)

The Dresden Dolls // The Ghost In You (The Psychedelic Furs Cover - Live)

The Dresden Dolls // Missed Me





Annie plus one

What happens when you take a bowl full of Annie...

Annie - Me Plus One

Then mix it with a generous dash of Get Shakes?

Get Shakes - Sister Self Doubt 2

You get this tasty little number.

Annie - I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me (Get Shakes remix)


Garage Days

Yes its been a while since I've done one of these, and this might be the last time so i may as well end it all with possibly one of my favourite bands form the 60's.

The Music Machine were an L.A band that formed in 1966, fronted by Sean Bonniwell (who is sometimes named the Godfather of punk). They Released their first able later that year with the single Talk Talk making it into the singles charts.

But after the release of the first album Bonniwell got rid of all the original band members and formed a new band named Bonniwells Music Machine, they released a self titled album in 1968 but did not reach the same commercial success of his the previous album.

Personally i think the second album is so much better.

Heres a few of my favourte tracks.

The Music Machine - Double Yellow Line

The Music Machine - Tin Can Beach

The Music Machine - Talk Me Down

It was hard to pick just 3, i could have easily put 10 up!


Showbag II

Welcome to another installmant of the Gee Wizz SHOW BAG. What's in the Gee Wizz show bag this time? Lucky you, lucky dip! A miscellany of stupendous songs that have nothing in common besides the fact that they are totally brilliant, not to mention orgasm inducing.

Teenagersintokyo // Very Vampyr (dCup Remix)

This remix does the brilliant Very Vampyr justice whilst making it a great track in its on right.

Quiero Club // Let da Music (80kidz Remix)

Queer name, but solid remix. Japanese electro wonders 80kidz (of Disdrive20 and ALT A fame) are building a large portfolio of remixes that kick ass.

Plaid // White's Dream (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

Shinichi Osawa is a god amongst men (OMG STAR GUITAR), he can do no wrong in my eyes. Who is better from Japan - Osawa or Nartrax? Hmmm tough tough tough

Breakwater // Release the Beast (Fuck Daft Punk they ain't got nothin' on this)