Be Kind, Rewind

Spanish superblog Buffet Libre has invited us at Gee Wizz to take part in 'Rewind'. Rewind is an 80s music cover project, and they have invited many amazing contemporary artists to perform songs from that awesome era. The songs will be compiled and turned into a mixtape that will be available in July, along with a mix of the original songs, so stay tuned!

Buffet Libre have told us that the bands and producers involved in the project are:

Dragonette, Sidechains, The Toxic Avenger, Culture Prophet, Grum, Mendetz,
Anoraak, ER2, The Amplid, Moulinex, Purple Crush, RAC, Russ Chimes, UMYO, Hello Tokyo, CFCF, Fisk vs. Blende, Oh Snap!, Xinobi, The Shoes, CSK OK, Keenhouse, Cryptonites, Adventure Kid, !Trash Yourself, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Paper Scissors, Tknik, Black Dominoes, Vitamins For You, Computer Club, Glitch Bitch, Database, South Central, Clash The Disko Kids, Lillica Libertine, Daroc, Pink Skull, Damage, Beesmunt Soundsystem, Royal Rumble, Mat Payne, Loud Pipes, We Are Terrorists, Emotiquon, Night Facilities, Tempest Disco.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

These are a few pre-releases that we have managed to pry from the hands of Buffet Libre, and I'm sure you will join me in eagerly anticipating the final project!

Purple Crush // Physical Attraction (Madonna Cover) (alt link - zshare)

Men Without Hats // Where Do They Boys Go (Mr Miyagi Maximisation Remix) (alt link - zshare)

CSKA OK // Final Destination (Marietta Cover) (alt link - zshare)

NRK // Couldn't Get Ahead (The Fall Cover) (alt link - zshare)

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Jan L. said...

Sounds like something I want to hear..