I was supposed to post about these guys aaaaaaaaages ago when I saw them at a tiny gig in the back St Kilda cafe. But yeh I forgot... NOW thanks to Triple J (Australian Radio station) and my Wednesday morning peak time trek to uni, my memory has been jolted. This is because these guys were named finalists in the Triple J high school band competition. DON'T LET THIS PUT YOU OFF! (Cajun Dance Party are all still in high school!)

Initially I didn't want to like these guys, they just looked too professional and mature and I was sitting there thinking that someone needs to tell these fuckers that there not 25 and can't drive n shit. However once they started playing they blew my superficial misconceptions away. The lead singer channels Prince like a mad dog (even down to the purple velvet dinner jacket and cravat) and has really quite amazing harmony with the backup vox / lead guitar... and they are sooo tight the abreviation TTB can aptly be replaced with NeonLoveTB or NLTB without any problem.

So check em out and just see how good the local (there from Ballarat but you know it's sort of close) and young talent is.

Neon Love // Disco Me

Neon Love // Get Your Freak On Charlie Beacon

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