Bad Report Card

Imagine taking home this report card to your folks when you were in the 6th grade:

Pretty bad huh? Fortunately today you'll be glad to hear CFCF. The Montreal based magician aka Mike Silver has put his midas touch to a number of great songs, Health's Triceratops and The Teenager's Sunset Beach are a couple Gee Wizz have reported on, plus others from Justice, Spank Rock, The Jets (that song Aaron Carter covered), Crystal Castles and soon Heartsrevolution's CYOA (remixed almost as much as Club Action and Homecoming).

His dreamy synth got us googoo eyed after transforming Triceratops into a Night Rider theme styled epic, and his spaced out supposition has certainly got him in good stead in the near future as it begins to become more and more popular. Here at Gee Wizz we have a showbag of productions and remixes from CFCF, and whilst his name makes a bad report card, we give him an A+.

CFCF // Claudio

Apache Beat // Tropics (CFCF Remix)

CFCF // How Bizarre (OMC Cover)

Sally Shapiro // Time To Let Go (CFCF Remix)

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