Oh wait, Oh Eight

Another year has come and gone, another beginning to do just that. Whilst the slate is wiped clean, there are some remnants of the year that was that we grasp on to, for better or for worse, to take with us forever. I've managed to compile a list of my favourite songs of 2007, I tried to fit them into a Top 10 but I couldn't, so deal with a Top 15...

15. Sebastien Tellier, Mr Oizo & SebastiAn - Steakskate

The two Sebastian's teamed up with the evergreen Mr Oizo to produce the score for French film "Steak". I don't think anyone gives a shit about the film, but what a soundtrack! 'Steakskate' is such a fun track, it reminds me of the gameshow Jeopardy's 'thinking music' if it was cool and French. This song stuck in the head of anyone who heard it, and people didn't hate it after it.

14. Dragonette - I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

For some reason, this song just does it for me. Such a sexy song... though more kiss chasey and bugglegum than hardcore porn. Oh, and if it's good enough for Kitsune it's good enough for Gee Wizz.

13. Sexual Earthquake in Kobe - Dance Music (Toxic Avenger Remix)

Now if the title did not make it obvious for you, Sexual Earthquake in Kobe (best name in the business) are clearly enticing you to dance with this little number (clearly succeeding). The Toxic Avenger gives it banger status.

12. 80kidz - Disdrive20

You should totally get strobe lights out whilst listening to this effort from the Jap electro act 80kidz. Or break out a hovercar and fly forward in time to Japan in 2020 (or 1982) and climb a mountain whilst windmill kicking an inordinate amount of 'bad guys'. Their follow up effort ALT A is perhaps just as good, though with Disdrive released earlier it just gave me more aural pleasure throughout 2007. Along with Narctrax and Shinichi Osawa, my favourites from the Far East.

11. Health - Triceratops (CFCF Remix)

My goodness I have no idea how CFCF managed to transform Triceratops into an epic Nightrider-esque theme but thank whatever higher form you believe in that it happened. Health had an outstanding breakout year with Triceratops, Heaven, Perfect Skin and Glitter Pills getting remixed out of their skin, but this one is a metaphorical T-Rex above them all.

...5 down... 10 more to go... keep your ears close to the ground for 10 - 6 coming in the next few days fellow Pharmacists!

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