Double Glazed

Only yesterday did I post about the wonderful Chromatics and the 'neu-Italo' stylings of the Italians Do It Better menagerie. Well after a taste of that comes an even bigger serving, this time from their associates from IDIB, Glass Candy.

The 'golden child' project of the collective, the duo consisting of Ida No and Johnny Jewel (also a contributor for Chromatics) combine their clean synth driven sound falling around the lusty yet abstract lyrics and intermediate yelps of No. Glass Candy are more disco and less haunting than Chromatics, with a sumptuous recapturing of Italo and Space Disco with a subtle modern twist.

This post is not out of the blue however, because Glass Candy, who like Flosstradamus are down in Aus for the V Festival, are also playing a side show in old Melbourne town, this one on April 3rd at The Toff In Town. They've been described as "one of the best live/dance bands out in North America" - iheartcomix, so it would be a tragedy to miss out on this one. Grab your tickets from Moshtix or from Modular asap!

Their album B/E/A/T/B/O/X was released last year, with 9 chillingly cool songs that will get you moving like it's 1982. Or 2082. Or like a robot. Or a seductive vamp. Or a robot seductive vamp from 2082.

Glass Candy // Life After Sundown

Glass Candy // Etheric Device

Glass Candy // Computer Love

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