For those living under rocks the past year, pretty much everyone's most anticipated album over that time span was D-R-O-P-P-E-D.

Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours (incredibly aptly titled, it somehow pinpoints the mise-en-scene of the album perfectly) was getting crazy hype, and deservedly so. To many aficionado's, it seemed that while a few of Australia's heavyweight electro-pop bands regressed with their sophomore efforts (Van She? Presets?) Cut Copy went from strength to strength. Following up to Bright Like Neon Love was never going to be an easy task, but bringing a more defined sound - losing some funk and gaining some 80s infused synth - has brought about a different flavour of disco. It's fresh, it's clean, it's awesome.

Hearts on Fire, So Haunted, and Lights & Music were released prior to the album, and gained plenty of momentum for the release. The trouble with that is, the rest of the album has to BACK IT UP, otherwise the multitudes of groupies will be left unimpressed. It's a testament to the Melbourne lads that there are a few other single worthy efforts on board here. Kudos for confidence, and kudos for quality. Here are a couple of previews for you.

Cut Copy // Unforgettable Season

Cut Copy // Strangers In The Wind

Snap it up quick here or on itunes, or risk missing it!

P.S. At POGO this Thursday there will be a Cut Copy listening party on the UBERsuave topdeck, so come out in your droves! Gee Wizz will be there with bells on, and you may use the GEE WIZZ GUESTLIST for a discount entry. ;)


nek said...

this album is beautiful, listening to it now.

cool to see another Melbourne music blog as well

nic said...

thnx electrorash!