When In Chrome...

Do as Chromans do? Or perhaps Chromatics? Though hype hasn't been a problem since Chromatics burst onto the scene, I just couldn't resist ensuring everyone has a taste of their sumptuous, somber sound.

Their album Night Drive (IV) has been haunting me since it was released last year. Which is lucky, because if I wanted anything to haunt me, it would be this. Akin to the soundtrack of some chillingly picturesque film noir mystery set in an Antonio Sant'Elia styled Italian Futurism scene, Chromatics have put together such a refined and austere glimpse of future-discopunk that despite it's down tempo ambiance, the sobering and icy subtleties demand that you do nothing except listen to it.

The Oregonian outfit of the Italians Do It Better coterie successfully crystallize an emotionally rigid yet somehow frail landscape that is more ponderous than party, more eloquent than energetic, more dark than delinquent, and most important, more great than good. Night Drive is available from the Chromatics myspace, along with some sweet merch.

Chromatics // Night Drive

Chromatics // The Killing Spree

Chromatics // Mask

I would love to post the whole album, but seriously indulge yourself and buy Night Drive for a meager 12 bones.

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