6 Months on a LEAKY Boat

By the looks of things the debut Crystal Castles album has oozed out much like the blog version of Melbourne's Underbelly, and luckily I have a little taste for you! Just something to whet one's

whistle, here are four songs from the album that your ears probably haven't been blessed with.

It's unfortunate that we've practically heard the album already due to the leaky/friendly nature of the CC Music Factory... their isn't really anything new that is out of the ordinary or extraordinary for CC, but it's a damn solid castle these kids are building... even if their boat needs a little work.

Pre-order the album here cunts, and check out their shit hot new tees at their myspace, Slick has dibs on black... Sickest!!!

Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating

Crystal Castles - Vanished

Crystal Castles - Black Panther

Crystal Castles - Through The Hosiery


Anonymous said...

Courtship Dating and Vanished actually are mind blowing dear sir.

nic said...

he meant the album as a whole, because we have already heard most of it

mike said...

Vanished is the best song I've heard of theirs for a while... too bad its a cover or a remix or whatever they want to call it

jesse said...

looolllllllllz ATMs.. maverick you so got help from flash in writing this.. at least the tags

nic said...

it's sex city... and it's ok.. but it's my favourite van she song and it can't beat the live version of it