In Melbourne we are kind of an insular bunch in terms of the rest of Australia. Basically, Melbourne is better than anywhere else in Australia and we know it. So sometimes we tend to overlook great things from elsewhere. And these guys should not be overlooked.

The Dirty Secrets are a rocky-post-punkie quartet from Perth - not just that band that you had never heard of that superhero/crimefighter Miami Horror remixed in the not too distant past.

Their shows are as energetic as their music, and they are slowly making a name for themselves, which the releasing of their debut album will surely speed up.

Be one of the first in Melbourne to catch onto them by listening to these couple of tracks, then go to Pogo tomorrow night and see them play those very tracks! And you can show off your music knowledge and pretend you've loved them for ages. Go on, do it. Be sure to use the Gee Wizz guestlist for discounted entry as well.

Buy their album here you sexy beast you.

The Dirty Secrets - 5 Feet of Snow

The Dirty Secrets - Lighthouse

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