My goodness we at Gee Wizz have been busy little beavers. Hence the lack of activity here for a bit, but it seems as though it is picking up! This post is about nothing in particular, has no coherency and will feature no recurring themes. It's just whatever the fuck I feel like sharing - thus the SHOW BAG. First it was gonna be about remixes, but then I wanted to chuck in shit that wasn't remixed, so the only thing these songs have in common is that they are songs... and that I like them.

On a completely unrelated note (zomg I've paradoxically created a motif of irrelevance, I am the real Maverick) I've been listening to a whole bunch of Jazz lately as I want it to be playing at my birthday exxxtravaganza so I think my next post will be about that.

Also, go to POGO this Thursday seeing you have Friday off for Anzac Day you have no excuse, Gee Wizz will be thurrr representing and Tranter as well (he was on the front of Inpress you know). Use the Gee Wizz list for discount entry and casual sex.


M83 // Graveyard Girl (Yuksek Remix)

I lurrrve M83 and Yuksek is superduper - better than his remix of Adam Kesher's Feel You In My Arms?) Speaking of segways....

Adam Kesher // And Then Our Thoughts Became Old Again

Neu Adam K. This is one of those songs that if you could make them tangible, you would have dirty anal sex with while you slap them around, and then fall asleep exhausted in a pile of sweat and grime.

Q and Not U // Wonderful People

Classic mo fo.

Rappers Delight // Hum

A gem off an old Skeetpartay mixology (my favourite one, the one with the String Quartet's cover of Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker to open it and also featuring Ladyhawke's Back of the Van pre-Modular, Candypants - Nerdy Boy, Tilly and the Wall - Bad Education, Scientists of Modern Music, Voxtrot, Dance With Voices, Good Shoes, MSTRKRFT, Peachcake AND the Gumby themesong!). I showed my tweenage cousin this to illustrate how cool and relevant I am and how lame Fergie is. It didn't work, but I wana be 5 and rap now.

Shiny Toy Guns // Don't Cry Out (Teenagers Remix)

This is one of my favourite songs ever for some reason. In reference to the Adam K song, the tangible manifestation of this song would be embraced til the wee hours of the morn. And then I would make it blueberry pancakes and watch The Notebook with it.

Bloc Party // I Still Remember (Lull's Music Box and Tears Mix)

Aaaaand last but not least, one to snuggle into bed to, which is precisely what I am going to do right now!


Jan L. said...

Wow, shit.. Can't believe I haven't seen this blog before. Hope you won't mind me adding you to my blogroll, so I can just click fast and I'm here.

nic said...

feel free

jesse said...

aaargh I can't remember who used this as an invitation for something??? was it t money?

Henrik said...

Nice! Love the Teenagers Remix of Don't Cry Out! Like the blog. Maybe you would like my band The Bonapartes:

Jeunesse Dorée (Remote Control): http://www.sendspace.com/file/wvi1xu