At the next intersection, turn left

So mike and flash are the dancing queens when it comes to music.. we all know that.. even prolific dj 'tranterco' steals music off mike through this very blog... hence I'm not going to compete with them directly and given our recent holiday period and road trips to Phillip Island thought I'd drop some driving music.

Now this is an important note.. I'm quite a reasonably paced driver.. as in not fast.. so this isn't 'music to do speedway chases and get on some shit cops rip off with a ex blue healers cast member doing the narrative' this is a 'driving down to the fish and chip shop when the suns blearing with all the windows down' kinda music.

Oh no! oh my! - The Party Punch
Kings of Leon - Rememo
Ryan Adams - Damn Sam

Paul John George and Ringo - Rocky Racoon

The Unicorns - Thunder and Lightning

Now listen to this last mystery track and try and tell me you can't imagine yourself cruisin to the beach with this shit cranked! As a test to see if anyone actually reads this shit if you can tell me where this awesome song comes from, I'll buy you a drink (from the GWAP piggy bank)



Anonymous said...

mystery track is by the pigme dudes

buy me a drink slut

Anonymous said...

mystery track is shit

Anonymous said...

who the fuck puts the title before the artist? retard

jesse said...

the fact that they're pigme dudes doesn't cut it I neeed moooore!