Garage Daysss

Ok Ok, I know these last couple of posts have been on some of the more "popular" garage bands, but i thought i would get them out of the way before i delve into he world of one hit wonders that were oh-so popular in the 60's.

Alright so this week we have The Sonics, which formed in 1964 and first recorded The Witch, which went on to be a hit of sorts, especially in Washington where the band lived.

After that the guys thought it was time to cut a whole album, so the band went into Keaney's Studios to record the classic LP "Here Come The Sonics."
The album was recored on a two-track tape recorder with only one microphone to back up the whole drum kit.

Then they went on to record a second album in 1965 titled "Boom" and a year later were openig for such bands as The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Jay & The Americans, Ray Stevens, Herman's Hermits, The Righteous Brothers, The Kinks, Lovin' Spoonful, Liverpool 5, Shangri-Las, Mamas & The Papas and The Byrds.

Funnily enough the band faded away in 68-69 after trying to copy Love by adding horns and bells to their new tracks, which didn't go down well with the fans who new them too well as the pioneers of fuzz guitar.

The Sonics - Strychnine

The Sonics - The Witch

The Sonics - Psycho


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