Easter comes early

If you haven't noticed the epidemic of late, music is turning into potatoes... That's right ladies and gentlemen, POTATOES! Luckily there are a few chef's around to make good of the influx of potatoes and turn them into culinary delights by way of mashing them. But enough of my hilarity and onto the point of the post, and that is Hipster Hop. Come on, who doesn't want to hear Bell Biv Devoe chopped over Sebastian? Exactly.

Following in the footsteps of Girl Talk, 'Easter Egg' also creates, with laptop in toe, an eclectic musical smörgåsbord. Easter Egg's brand of hip hop spliced over electro/pop/rock, under the cutely dubbed genre of Hipster Hop, comes Gee Wizz endorsed. His mixed 'Wiggers and Hipsters' is just fun, and the only time you stop dancing is to try and figure out the simultaneous songs with your other drunk friends and Oprah hugging every time you get it right.

Here are a few tracks off Wiggers and Hipsters. It is all mixed and all good so I just picked the tracks that were playing at the time I posted this.

Easter Egg - King of the Trill
Easter Egg - Straight to the Bar
Easter Egg - Rhino Legs

Jump over to his myspace for heaps more.

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