Shang Hiiiiii

teenagersintokyo are not teenagers, nor from Tokyo, but don't let their deceptiveness turn you off. What they are is an oh so hot band from Sydney. One of my favourite Australian bands that have rose to prominence in the last year, most of the time I don't buy into the hype that a lot of Aus bands get (most are way overhyped and riding on the coattails of the Aus flavour of the month hysteria that the world had/has), but these guys are fo' real. Every person who has heard their haunting tune Very Vampyr is compelled to break out into some crazy dance, and that's A-OK with me because I'm doing it too.

teenagersintokyo - Very Vampyr

teenagersintokyo - End It Tonight

teenagersintokyo released their self titled EP at the end of Oh Seven, so buy it here or here (itunes).

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