Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Everyone likes to be beside the seaside! Especially when you're down at the local pub and The Vasco Era just happen to be playing!

These boys have been around for a while now and are finally starting to get some well deserved recognition getting frequent playtime on the likes of Triple J.

Our mate Bradaz' birthday could not have been celebrated any better with the surprise (for us, not for everyone) live act, considering at the BHP there's usually only shitstain cover acts. Needless to say my feet were freakin killing the next day from stomping and dancing like I was on something they don't exactly sell at the bar (for those in the know, even the chicken wing and mick jagger dance moves were coming out)

Just try and listen to this stuff without wanting to rock out and start all your sentences with "when something something something.." like all there damn songs are titled...

The Vasco Era - Honey bee(When it was making weird love songs)

The Vasco Era - When it first showed up

The Vasco Era - When we lost faith in everyone

Visit The Vasco Era and buy "Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside"

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