Moustache Aficionado

"Wow, look at these men. What class! What grace! And all because of a little upper lip hair. Lois, I am gonna grow a mustache. And I'll have it made like the Monopoly guy. Except when he goes directly to jail"

Peter Griffin from Family Guy couldn't have said it any better!

I was watching David Letterman the other night and one of the special guests was the 'model' from the cover of the latest edition of the magazine 'moustache aficionado' and it rekindled my somewhat postponed (due to summer, it's not really beard weather) lusting for my very own facial hair.

So here are some songs to get you into my current frame of mind.

Now most of us at Gee Wizz are musical gentlemen and when I say musical I mean MUSICAL as in Sweeney Todd the musical so the first song here is straight from the recent Tim Burton movie...

Sacha Baron Cohen - The Contest (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Soundtrack)

Who would have thought Ali G could sing?

This next one's less classic, musical enjoying beard, more beerlariness out on the town beard

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Beard Lust

If you gots any facial hair you wanna show off to Gee Wizz (boys and girls we don't discriminate against Henrietta's) send us some love and we'll whack any good pics up

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