Big M

What are the biggest M's you can think of? Marlon Brando? Midnight Juggernauts? M83?

If you answered with the above three responses, then you would be correct. Midnight Juggernauts are stepping out on their March Farewell tour down Australia's East coast before they jet off to wow the rest of the world. And lucky for us, their 'support' act is another of the elite French ambient electronic acts (re: post on Air), M83.

As if by some divine intervention, the higher power you believe in must have had a quiet subconscious word to all the best French musicians and told them to finally get their Gallic asses to Melbourne! And just like Air, Daft Punk and the whole Banger crew before, M83 are not to be missed, especially for the much less expensive price of $35 + the Juggers! At the Forum in Melbourne on March 12th, you can grab a bunch of tickets from ticketek.

This is my favourite Midnight Juggernauts song, and whilst I don't always agree with the high degree of hype these guys get, Tombstone is a cracker.

Midnight Juggernauts - Tombstone

And for 'support', here is an M83 original and just for kicks, a remix as well.

M83 - Teen Angst

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry (M83 remix)

(Marlon Brando is just here to make this post more suave.)

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