Saved By The Bell

It's been a while since Mikey introduced me to The Bell and their great song I Am History. From that abundantly creative epoch of the earth which we call Sweden, these three boys make music that sounds just like I want music to sound.

Rock music these days is a hard act to pull off - just with the sheer amount of bands around it is difficult to stand out. Yet The Bell does, with an early 80s familiarity without a replication of it, and a sound which is extremely polished whilst never losing that certain mystery and edge that often diminishes proportionately to refinement.

Their album Make Some Quiet includes many awe inspiring songs that define The Bell's sound yet are diverse enough to each leave their own imprint, and to break the shackles thrown on by comparisons. Make Some Quiet was finally released in stores on February 12th, I think you should go grab a copy (here or here).

The Bell - I Am History
The Bell - Gone For Days
The Bell - On and On
The Bell - Do You Know How I Feel
The Bell - Target Group (C90s Remix)

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