Future Love

Greetings. Recently I have been harking back in history to peruse the precursors to many of the songs and styles that bring me aural delight in this day and age, just to keep me interested, as sometimes it can get rather tedious sifting through mountain ranges of music just to find a diamond in the rough (or two or three) to share with you all. So the next week is probably going to be a massive orgy of outrageously awesome OG space disco and italo disco classixxx, because I say so.

To kick things off we have one of the paradigms of prime cut Italo Disco. Basically, Italo Disco songs were simple, catchy and laden with vocoders and space age sounding synth, combined with nonsensical vocals in English by people who don't usually speak English, and when you could osmose a meaning from them, they typically centred around love, robots and space. This song was the epitome of it - it had it ALL.

Charlie - Spacer Woman

It has recently been covered by Ear Pwr, a fresh sounding spaced out electro group hailing from the U.S who have done gigs with Crystal Castles, and definitely worth checking out! (I'm loving DiamondsLiquorLeather, with the lyrics "Jump up like Shaquille O"! OH SNAP!)

Ear Pwr - Spacer Woman

OG film clip ;)

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