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Left: An artists impression of what John Howard might look like on 24th of November

So, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS!.... It's my birthday on election day, how not cool (uncle John just wanted to rep the country on my b'day,), and so i have conjured up a birthday slash Christmas wish list, i thought i might let it out of the can just in case any one wanted to help it along, goes as follows in not order of preference:

1. A make over to look like tom from guess who (hot) hAHa

2. an Alife t-shirt cause they're like ohhhhhh boy

3. guess who and operation the board game (the new one)

4. pair of DC's the colab ones with lemar and dauley

5. pegleg nyc hoodie, also they just released there new fall/winter line on the net so hit that up its dope shit used to be free postage but i think they changed it cause of me...i got free postage (when i bought my T couple of weeks ago) and turns out the postage cost as much as my t-shirt lollercoasterz they paid for it YEAHA BOY

6. and... surprise me ;)

on another note, GEE WIZZ totz making waves in the Melbourne's independent music community get on them before WE BLOW UP

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your an idiot