Your name's not Dan! You're not coming in!

soooooo klaxons were in town on satdy finally after waiting for the dooshes leg to get all better (needless to say there were no stage dives from any of the fellas!) we got to see them, hannah and the annas, and a complete coverup of some kind of terrorist attack all on one night.

Opening with the bouncer.. a track definitely made for a show opener and a bass line Robbie could probably even manage I came to the conclusion this was probably one of my favourite bands for the last year and they didn't let me down. But they didn't really blow me or the other boys away either.. we saw them at the modular xmas party last year and we all agreed they were way better... but that could be due to the Espy being a much more intimate venue..

Everyone still had a good time and the crowd eventually got into it especially for Gravity's Rainbow and Atlantis to Interzone. My favourite was Not Over Yet. I think all three of those songs would have been far better encore songs rather than Four Horsemen of 2012 but what can you do!

Now almost as exciting.. not really but alll night after there were cops flyin with there lights on everywhere, even an Australian Federal Police car but I haven't seen or heard anything on the radio so I'm guessing a cover up.. I'm not going to elaborate too much.. Ive said too much already!

if this blog gets mysteriously shut down soon you'll know why!

Special mention to the 23 people who asked us on 23 separate occasions where 2 Floors Up is, how fucking hard is that place to find??? and why the fuck would they think we know??

Klaxons - Not Over Yet (zSHARE)
Klaxons - Not Over Yet Gentlemen Drivers Remix (Flash requested this remix)

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