French electronic music has been at the forefront of the blogosphere for some time now (Ed Banger, Kitsune, Institubes...), and a lot of it is influenced by the French synth vanguard of the early 80s. The recently emerged Parisian indie label Born Bad Records released 'BIPPP - French Synth Wave 1979-1985' a 13 song collection of obscure French Synth wave tracks that outlines the scene in all its minimalistic machine-droned glory. "Covering the Parisian take on the post rock'n'roll resurgence as it became eclipsed by the more marketable New Wave sound, the compilation features songs that range from bordering on ambient soundscapes that echo futuristic symmetry to slightly erratic pop songs that tick in an eerie, repetitious tone."

"BIPPP recalls the glory of a selected few. The cream of the crop of the shooting stars and cult bands". If you're on your game you might be able to recognise a couple of samples used by the new brigade (cough - Rainbow Man). This compilation is great, and shows just how far ahead of their time these groups were, foreseeing much of today's lo-fi synth driven music (think lo-fi-fnk, Crystal Castles, etc) . The Mary Moor, Comix and Ruth tracks are especially fetching.

Ruth - Polaroid Roman Photo
Comix - Touche Pas Mon Sexe
Mary Moor - Pretty Day
Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Je T'Écris D'Un Pays
A Trois Dans Les WC - Contagion
Deux - Game and Performance
Vitor Hublot - Aller Simple
Casino Music - Viol Af 015


Here is a clip of Deux - Felicita, which is not on the compilation, but still chillingly cool as fuck.


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A super-rare (uh, edition of 80!!!) 7" vinyl vinyle version of Ruth's Polaroid/Roman/Photo:


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