This is only a circle, not a revolution

I have been meaning to post about Hearts Revolution for quite some time, though the reason I haven't is because I misplaced my favourite song of theirs ('Prism Effect')! The NY duo who travel around in an ice cream truck made a splash with 'Choose Your Own Adventure', and now have some new ish up on their myspace, including the awesome track 'Switchblade' and a snippet of 'Prism Effect'. To learn more about them check out the cute Choose Your Own Adventure flipbook they made. Or buy their music (including a glow in the dark record split with Crystal Castles) or tees at their webstore. Or download a couple of sweet tracks below. Or check out the C.Y.O.A video below! Or all of the above! Gee Wizz predict huuuuuuuuuge things from these guys!

Hearts Revolution - Switchblade
Hearts Revolution - Prism Effect (Demo)

Hearts Revolution - Choose Your Own Adventure:

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