I don't post up enough made in Melbourne music, which is kinda gay. So I thought I would begin with an old favourite.

Boy+Girl (myspace) have been doing the rounds of Melbourne's independent music scene (Third Class, Ding Dong, Click Click, Roxanne, etc.) since 2006. The first time I saw them live was at Colours @ Miss Libertines and they were giving out badges. Shweet.

The indie/electro production would most likely not sound out of place on a Valerie roll call with their 80s influenced synths, though definitely more vocal orientated and less romance soundtrack than the French menagerie tend to be.

Did I mention that they've supported motherfuckers that go by the name of Justice, Busy P & Boyz Noize? The single off upcoming EP goes by the name of Shirley Temple, and they've also just completed a rad little remix of The Kings, another Melbourne band. Check it, and give them the love they deserve!

The Kings - Weather Makers (Boy+Girl Remix)

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